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Making A Profit at CVS

Thanks FrugalSuz for these CVS tips!

3 Mylanta Ultimate Mint Flavor on clearance for $3.65 each
1 Rolaids Plus on clearance for $1.25
Used 2 $4 off coupons from 1/4/09RP

1 Neutrogena Unscented facial soap $2.59
1 Neutrogena Original facial soap $2.59

1 CVS Antiseptic Mint Mouthwash $2.59
Used CRT for free CVS brand mouth wash

1 Trimline nail clipper (filler) $1.19

My total was $10.61
Used a $10 ECB
Actual OOP was .61
ECB's recvd: a $9.00 ECB for 3 Mylantas and a $10 ECB for 2 Neutrogenas.
So I got the $10 ecb back and a $9 ecb for pocket change of .61 found in the bottom of my purse, not to mention the products, all of which we will use!

I love these kind of CVS trips. If you want to know the latest deals at CVS, check out FrugalSuz's blog.


  1. Great job and thanks for the shoutout! :)

  2. My CVS doesn't have the Mylanta on clearance, Maybe I should come south of the river!! I have heard rumors that the Neutrogena soap deal stopped working. Since it worked for you, I think I will try it!

  3. hey Lisa,

    Great trip! You should post it on the boards.

    Just wanted to let you know that the 15.00 Toys R Us gift card giveaway on my blog will be over tonight. I know wonder boy would love to spend 15.00 at Toys R Us lol.

  4. frugalsuz Thank you, I appreciate all the hard work you do putting the deals together.

  5. Amy did you scan the bottle? At my store, they werent with the clearance stuff, still on the shelf like normal. I had to scan them to see that they were on clearance. I didnt scan the rolaids, so that was a nice surprise when they rang up at $1.25. They were also on the shelf like normal and not in the clearance section.

    I had no problem yesterday morning with the neutrogena soap either. Good Luck!

  6. amiyrah $15 gift cards to toy stores are always welcomed.

  7. I had a decent trip to CVS this week, but nothing spectacular. Sounds like you hit the jackpot though, great job!

  8. lisa,

    you won! Check your e-mail...

  9. The Happy Housewife & Amiyrah You would have thought my great week would have ended a little better! I'm glad I didnt take a chance and go to the casinos!