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Do you have a UPC code and can't remember what it's for?

Do you have a UPC code and can't remember what it's for?

Rebates are like FREE money to me. I'm usually only collecting upc codes for one or two rebates at a time before I can put it all together and mail it off.

Well this last month I found myself swimming in receipts and upc codes for several rebates. A couple of the rebates I wanted to submit two or three times. I had my receipts in a bag and my upc codes in a bag. When I went to put them together I realized one of my stores' receipts only listed the description and no upc code. I tried matching them up, but some of the clipped upc codes only had their numbers and no description.

I was pondering what to do. If you have ever submitted rebates you know that if you dont send in the right upc code, your rebate will be rejected.

The Pepsi rebate is what was kicking my butt. You were required to submit 3 upc codes from any 9oz or larger Lays chips. I had all these upc codes from chips but didnt know which were which.

Then I remembered a friend that has done rebates for a long time had mentioned to me last year (when she was trying to get me to start rebating) that there was a site on the internet where you could look the upc codes up!

I found it and boy did it save my butt and two of my pepsi rebates! I now have all my receipts matched up to all those bags of chips that were consumed during the Superbowl! I'll be dropping them in the mail today.

If you need to look up an upc code, here it is. It's FREE and simple. You type in all the numbers including the little one to the left and right, hit submit, and it will bring up the product!


I've now learned my lesson and mark the back of the upc code with a permanent marker.

Do you have a tip for keeping your rebates organized? I would love to hear them.


  1. Wow, that's a really cool tool to have in your rebate arsenal. I love it! Doing rebates can get so tricky. I have a bunch of items to mail out, but I'm waiting for my rebates through Walgreens to clear first before I send away the receipts. What I do is just keep the products on a shelf near my desk so I am reminded about them. I keep the receipts in a To Do folder I have, with a post it on them to remind me which rebate the receipt is for. I don't clip the UPC's until I'm ready to send off the rebate.

  2. Thank you so much for posting that. It will definitely come in handy.

    My method is similar to Suz's....I put all of the items on a shelf in my closet. I send them off immediately (after making copies of course) or if it's an offer like the Pepsi one where I need to use the product first, I keep the receipt and offer form paperclipped together. Everything is added onto an Excel spreadsheet so I can keep track. And the photocopies go into a binder until I get the check.

    It's a bit of a hassle but it works for me.

  3. That UPC database has saved my butt more than once. :-)

  4. frugalsuz I mailed another pepsi coupon rebate today in hubby's name. I still have one more of them to mail but it's all put together. I have three others to get filled out and mailed. I recvd my to chapstick rebates today also! :)

    Laurie thanks for stopping by and commenting. I've heard alot of people use this method and like it.

    Precious It definetly saved mine on the pepsi/lay upc's! Since there was so many products to buy and I was trying to get enough for three offers... I was swimming in upc's before I realized what I had done. :)

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