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A look at my "No Till Garden"

Last year I was fed up with weeds overtaking my garden and decided to try the "No Till" method. I posted about it here. I originally got the idea from my Mother Earth News magazine I receive. You can check out their article here.

I LOVE this method of gardening. There was no tilling this spring. The weeding is minimal. The watering is minimal. And everything seemed to thrive with the exception of my hot pepper plants.

This year I only had to add a layer of compost to the top of each bed and we were ready to go!

Here's how it looked two weeks ago:

The tomatoes are big enough and now have been mulched.

My onions are doing great and the lettuce is needing to be thinned.

My son wanted to plant cauliflower and corn. Not a lot of room for corn, but we are trying it and it seems to be growing so well.

And the cauliflower already has little baby heads on the plants!

We've planted several bell and hot pepper plants again this year, as well as spinach, beans, and carrots.

I'll post more pics as the garden comes along and we harvest things.

Lastly, here's a glimpse of the part of the garden that hasnt been converted yet. Look at those weeds!


  1. Wow, great job! The cauliflower is adorable.

  2. Annie thanks! I love this method!

    frugalsuz I was wanting to grow some personal cantaloupe, they are too cute. about the size of a softball so they dont take up a ton of room in the garden. The seeds are hard to come by though. :(

  3. Your garden look really good and I can only wish to have something like that next year once we have space. I'll be coming to you with all the questions! like why do you mulch your tomatoes? Never heard of that before so wonder what it does.

  4. Looks great Lisa! I'm so jealous...

  5. Jenny mulching my plants help them to retain their moisture. Tomatoes are mainly water. I live in a rural area and water is high! If you mulch around them then you dont water everyday and it helps keep the weeds down too.

    Laurie thank you for the compliment

  6. jenny here's a good article to read: http://www.garden.org/foodguide/browse/veggie/tomatoes_care/366

  7. Wow, I wish I had one like that. We've only got tomato plants this year. All we can handle with our two little ones. I know you'll be excited when it is time to harvest everything.