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Here's Some Cheese For That Whine!

I need to whine. Do you mind?

I'm tired. Very, very tired. Since being let go February 20th, I have had to do more running, errands and helping others than for my own family. My husband has been running routes daily at work and I've been getting up at 4:40am to pack his lunches. I go back to bed until time to get youngest up for school, but my sleep is still not the same. I've ran myself to death.

First it was going through my aunt and uncles entire estate, getting everything ready for the auction my uncle wanted to sell. He liquidated everything! Over 40 years of stuff my aunt hoarded. The only daily help I had was my mother who is limited on what she can do. My oldest son did help us three or four days for a couple hours each day and my father did help out two or three Saturdays for a few hours. The rest was left up to my mother and I. Thank goodness that is done!

Monday my father had to have surgery. I have been at the hospital everyday this week, driving my mother back and forth. We were able to bring him home today.

Today was my youngest son's last day of school. He signed up for summer school and now doesn't want to attend since they wont be able to have band.

My house is a mess! There are coupon inserts stacked up so high. Magazines stacked up that I havnt had a chance to read. Boxes and bags of stuff brought home from my aunt's that needs to be put away.

My laundry is behind, my bathrooms need to be thoroughly cleaned. My hardwood floors need to be swept and mopped. My flower gardens needed to be weeded and my chicken coop needs to be spring cleaned.

Speaking of spring cleaning... I'm so far behind on my normal cleaning the thought of spring cleaning is upsetting.

I'm tired and overwhelmed. Completing the basic tasks day to day to live is all I've accomplished.

And now, I wanted to prepare a quick dinner and my son is mad because I didnt cook the Beef Taco Skillet just the way he wanted. The recipe follows this post. I guess he will either eat it or go hungry, I'm too tired to worry about it.


  1. Lisa,

    Get on a plane and come down and visit me! I will wait on you! :-)

    Seriously, you need a To He** With It Day! Spend the day tomorrow sleeping in. If you can't tomorrow, do it this weekend when DH is home. Forget picking up the house for a day or so. Take a deep breath and take a bubble bath and give yourself a manicure and pedicure! You deserve it! Throw one load of laundry in tonight before you go to bed and put it in the dyer in the morning. Do this each day until you are all cuaght up. Don't hang dry till you are caught up!

    Forget the spring cleaning; it will be there in the Fall. I did this many years when I was really busy!

    Explain to your son how tired you are. I am sure he will understand. Maybe he will actually help you get caught up!

    You can't take care of everyone and not take care of yourself. Take a few days just for you!

  2. I agree with Precious. You need some time to play and take care of yourself for a change.

    Let's meet in H'ville and have lunch tomorrow or Friday; my treat. Seriously. You have my email, so let me know.

  3. Woah nelly, you have one busy lady! Instead of thinking of all the things you have to do, think of all the things you've accomplished and finished. And of course, a deep strong margarita never hurt anyone. :)

  4. A margarita or a mojito sounds in order. I'd tell your husband that it's your turn for a day off, explain how you are feeling and ask him to take the kids to the zoo, park, museum, library anywhere this weekend and let you sleep in and relax. The stuff will be there another day.

  5. Give Hubby a few dollars for lunch and sleep in! You're doing toom much, lady! And take Annie up on her offer....it sounds like you could benefit from a few giggles with a dynamite lady.

  6. You are one busy lady! First of all, have hubby fix his own lunch tomorrow (or tonight) so you can get a full night's sleep. A few days of that and you'd feel like a new person. Add a day of doing nothing but reading those piled up magazines and you'll feel much better. Sometimes I just need a day of staying in bed and doing nothing that can't be done from there....just reading, sleeping, watching TV and surfing the net. It always helps me!

  7. I agree with everyone else. Take a deep breath, then do something for yourself. Just follow all the previous advice and I think you will feel better.

  8. Lisa... just rest for a while . After constantly going, going, going your batteries need recharging. Then when you feel better, just tackle one thing at a time and it won't feel so overwhelming. Plus I have a Motto There's good, and then there's good enough. Everything doesn't have to be perfect.

  9. Thanks for all your comments and suggestions. I'm trying to recharge, but it seems once you are drained it is harder than hell to recharge and it takes so much more than normal.

    I just want to stay in bed for a whole day {or more! :)} with the covers over my head.

    Annie I really appreciate your offer and once I'm feeling better I will take you up on your offer. I just really dont have the energy right now to even get ready and drive to H'ville. We will have lunch one day soon.

  10. Lisa -- hope you are feeling better now!!! You have a lot on your plate. Hang in there!!!


  11. Hi, I am enjoying your blog.

    My advice (given with kindness) would be to sometimes "say no". I know this is not easy to do, but each person has to really accept what they can and cannot do in life. Have you ever sat down and wrote out a schedule for yourself (subtract off time for each most important thing you need to do). We all have the same 24 hours each day. When you run out of time it's time to say no. Don't forget to put in time for yourself because you'll just burn out if you don't.

    I think sometimes women have an awful time saying no and end up as martyrs. We are all guilty of this one time or another.

    I learned this lesson a long time ago having chronic health issues. Even if my own personal world fell down around me, there is only so much I could do.

    Have family meetings, delegate more. As women if we do everything, our loved ones around us will expect us to do it all. Don't let yourself be the one does everything for everybody.

    All the best...

  12. Lyn, Thank you for visiting! Your advice is great and I do appreciate it. Time management is not something that comes easy for me.