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The EASIEST YUMMIEST Dessert in the World!

Chic Crafty Chick posted this easy yummy dessert. It sounded like a cool refreshing change from the hot baked desserts of winter. Another winning point with me is that it only took 3 ingredients and I could make as much or as little as I wanted.

Chips Ahoy Cookies
Cool Whip
Hersheys Syrup (optional)

For all the details on how to put this together, check it out HERE

I used a 8x8 foil pan. It took one whole side of the cookie package plus 2 cookies and a little over 1/2 of the large cool whip tub. There was two layers of cookies and two layers of cool whip.

Then I decided to garnish it with Hersheys syrup. You could sprinkle mini choco chips on top, or even lightly crush a couple cookies and sprinkle on top!

I'm thinking I might try oreo cookies next time.

The verdict from hubby, boy wonder and I...... YUMMMY! Did I say that already?


  1. YUM! Tell me it has no calories!

  2. the milk? what do you do with that? did I miss that step somewhere? all I see is cool whip, cookies, and choc syrup.

  3. precious Ok, it has no calories that I'M going to count! lol

    Melissa I just listed the ingredients, all the instructions is on chic crafty chicks site. But it's easy and quick. Check it out!

  4. hi Lisa - if you've ever seen "18 Kids and Counting" on TLC, Michelle Duggar makes a dessert just like this, but with ice cream sandwiches instead of cookies. Looks delicious anyway! Can feel my jeans tightening just looking at it!

  5. I'm so flattered you liked this dessert. Thanks so much for the link back.

  6. omg it is delicious.............. i made it for my kids while they were at school, i showed them the photo the night before and told them that i was going to make it and they were extremely excited, but when they arrived home they were very saddened to see that me and my husband, Pete, had eaten it all!! i kept my promise though and made it for them the next week. thank you so much for this delicious treat that me and my whole family (including gran Launa), can enjoy.