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It's the time of year that there are so many self guided tours going on all over the United States. Many are sponsored by county extension offices. Most are free, but some require a small fee or ask for a donation.

You'll find self guided tours on different farms, orchards, winery/vinyards, gardens, backyard water features/koi ponds, etc.

Check with your local chamber of commerces, county extension offices, and garden clubs to see what's available in your area.

The tour I found for us that I think would be interesting is the Miami County Kansas Eco Development tour, featuring 10 rural stops. There will be alpacas, goats, emus, pecan groves, fresh herbs/vegetables/fruit, as well as flower gardens.

Each farm specializes in an area, and most have some type of stand set up where you can purchase their products such as goat cheese or soap, meat, plants, etc.

Here are a few more that caught my interest:

Visit Pulaski County
Pulaski County Rte 66 Tour
Green County Missouri Historic School Tour

Miami County Eco Dev Rural Tour

Oregon Wine and Farm Tour

Prairie Waters Map List of Tours

What does your family do during the summer for frugal entertainment?


  1. The Miami Co. tour sounds interesting! And nearby!

    We spend a lot of weekends camping in the summer. It can be as frugal or as spendy as you want it to be. Equipment can be bought inexpensively at garage sales, and with care, can last many seasons.

    We stay in state parks or Corps. of Engineers parks. They have reasonable camping fees and there is always more to do in the parks than just camp. Most of the additional activities are free.

    Meals are cooked at camp and are much less expensive than going out to eat. I just work the camping trips into my regular menu plan, so the meals really don't cost us any extra at all.

  2. Camping is fun. My family and I used to go camping down around Berry Bend when we had a camper. The camper was a lot of upkeep, so we got rid of it. I think it would be funner in a tent. When we did go camping, we always ate at campsite. It's WAY cheaper.

  3. The tour sounds very interesting. I would be game for that one.

    It is so darn hot here in the summer that we don't get far from our pool. We are in it everyday.

    We do most of our frugal activites visting gardens, zoos, olive farms, etc. in thw winter while you are shoveling!

  4. When my son was home, we would play in the yard and would go to the local animal shelter. We also would go to the local and state parks in our county (we have 4 total) and hike, picnic or just play at the playgrounds they have. We also went on a guided tour one of the parks had on trees, and collected leaves.

  5. Precious it would be great to have a pool! I would gladly put the shovel away and come stay with you for the winter! :)

    Centralillinoisian there's no way I could take either of my boys or hubby to the animal shelter. I already have 4 dogs, 5 cats, 1 bird, tons of koi and 9 chickens. I wouldnt get out of there without another pet to love. We usually have a picnic or two during the summer, and we used to go to the parks' playgrounds. My kids are too old now though. :)