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Haiti Care Kits

Kiddo brought home a notice from school yesterday that his school is holding a Heart to Heart Care Kit campaign to aide the victims of Haiti. The 6th grade classes were asked to bring bath size bars of soap. Preschool thru eighth grade had their indiviual item designated and after the campaign drive, the kits will be assembled.

I feel it is important to teach my children the joy of giving to others who are in need. We were able to donate from our stockpile several items that hadn't cost my family a penny. Just my time clipping coupons and chasing deals.

Kiddo was very proud of the two bags of items he was able to donate to the drive, and it made me feel that all that deal chasing/hounding was worth my time even more so now! Even though we have dontated from our stockpile on a regular basis to the local community food bank and our extended family, this felt even bigger and more urgent!

I imagine the smile on some Haiti child's face when given the Johnson & Johnson fruity smelling Buddy bars, the Spiderman/Dora Band-aides, and the Crest Spin toothbrushes.

Heart to Heart International is based in the Kansas City suburb of Olathe, Kansas. They were born out of an Olathe Rotary Club meeting in which Dr. Gary Morsch shared his passion to help people in need halfway around the world.

If you would like to help with Care Kits, go HERE for details.

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  1. good initiative. we should all do smth for those people.