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I love auctions!

With spring comes city wide cleanups, garage sales and auctions. City wide cleanups are my favorite, lots of stuff for FREE. Who doesn't love FREE?

Last Saturday I had the opportunity to go to an auction. There is something about bidding against someone else for and item. I guess it's the competitiveness within me. Here's what came home with me:

Lot #1: This was my steal for the day. The office chair is in perfect condition and is one of those old chairs that is heaaavvvvyyyyy. I needed another office chair in my studio.

They grouped the chair with this vintage hard side suitcase. The inside of it is in great condition. Can't wait to redo it! But that's not all!

PLUS this brand new 5 piece set of Jordache luggage. It may be an older set, but it's only been used once. There is also a hanging garment bag. The two largest cases have wheels on the bottom and locks with the keys.

All this for.... drum roll please..... $1! The office chair alone would cost me more than that at a garage sale! I've been looking for a couple of those hard sided suitcases for a project I have in mind and the cheapest I have seen them (in good condition) is $20 at the antique flea markets.

Lot #2 These two lamps. I love this white glass lamp. Look at the little white ball finial on top. It will go wonderful in my bedroom and I can get rid of the ugly lamp in there now. The shade will get a make-over.

The other lamp is, well let's just say it will no longer be a lamp. I will save the harp in case I need one for another lamp. The wood base will be repurposed, the shade will be saved in case I need it and I'm not sure what will happen to that eagle. lol

This lot of two lamps was $3. It's hard to find lamp shades in thrift stores for $3.

Lot #3 A clothes basket full of material. Also there was 2 burlap bags! I paid $5 for the basket. {forgot to take pic}

So my total at the auction was $9 and a lot of fresh country air. Made for a great Saturday afternoon.

When I stopped by my mothers her neighbor had left this baker's rack for me when he moved out. I love FREE. And the little white enamel cabinet that the lamps are sitting on, hubby brought home to me out of the trash.

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  1. YEE HAW!! Did you hit the jackpot! $9 woo hoo way to go girl!

  2. You such found some great finds...I wish our area did a clean up with free stuff! Save the eagle to use in your 4th of July decorating!

  3. WOW you did get some great buy's! I love the little white cabinet and FREE my kind of bargin! Blessings, Vicky

  4. Great job! I love the desk chair.

  5. Wow unbelievable! Those items are actually really cheap! Your $9 are definitely spent wisely :D

  6. Great job! Love the lugage set and the white rack - that one would be perfect for the kitchen or as a flower rack on a deck and with greens against white it would really stand out.