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Why I Use Coupons...

This week has been a great example of why I use coupons.

my new card
2 rolls of CVS tp 2/$1.00
1 Dove conditioner $4.49
1 Essence of Beauty Body Butter on clearance $1.50

1 CVS crt printed coupon $1 off any CVS paper products
1 CVS crt printed coupon $1 off any CVS skin care product
1 Dove $1.50/1 daily conditioner coupon

Total OOP $3.75
Received $4.49 extra care bucks back

son's card
2 rolls of CVS tp 2/$1.00
2 Essence of Beauty Body Butters on clearance .60 each at this store
1 Doritos snack bag .99
1 Mt Dew 20 oz $1.59

1 CVS crt printed coupon $1 off any CVS paper products
1 CVS crt printed coupon $1 off any CVS skin care product

Total OOP $2.97
Received $1 extra care buck back


2 Tylenol severe cold 4.99 each
minus $5 off 2 (RP 4/11)
OOP $5.40

Manager was called over and she told me it wouldn't print the RR when I used a manufacturer coupon. GIVE ME A BREAK! I told her to cancel it out then. She told me ok, canceled it out, re-rung it without the coupon on it and the RR printed out. She handed me the RR and the new receipt. wth? oh well.

On to #2
2 Skippy Peanut Butter $1.50 each
2 Snuggle Fabric Softener $3.99 each
1 Rice Krispies treats $2.50
1 Soft Batch cookies $2.50

2 Skippy Pnt Butter coupons .50 each (RP 3.28)
2 Snuggle coupons $3 each (RP 3/28)
$5 rr from #1
AND the $2 coupon in the monthly book for the cookies & rice treats.

She was talking to me about the first transaction and how Monday the shampoo RR's were rolling while I was trying to hand her the coupon and money, and she didnt scan the coupon, handed me my receipt and change.

OOP was $4.09
once I got home I seen she didn't scan the coupon and gave me back $4 change too much. So I ended up making $2 on this deal. geez what a mess!

Schick shave gel $2.99

OOP $3.24

Received a $3.00 RR back

10 Mighty Dog .80 each
2 Mighty Dog .99 each
2 Kleenex .99 each
1 Cottonelle TP $5.00
1 Jelly beans .62
2 Chocolate eggs .24 each
1 Reeses Bunny .62
1 Dove choc eggs .99
1 Reeses eggs .62

2 Mighty Dog coupon for a free can -.99 each
2 Mighty Dog $3 off 5 cans
1 Mighty Dog crt coupon from wags $1 off 10 cans
2 $4 Wags rr's from last weeks Dove shampoo

OOP $2.93 for all that dog food, toilet paper, kleenex and candy. LOVE IT!

All this for right at $20 out of pocket and I still have $5.49 in extra care bucks for CVS and $3 in register rewards for Walgreens.


  1. Yeah, this time the Wags managers are right. The $5/2 coupon is coded the same as the RR is. So the register things you used an RR on the item, and wont print another one. Kind of stinks :( I hope they dont start doing this more often!

  2. Sarah I hope they don't either! Just when I think I've got it down, they change the rules. The cashier was telling me that the shaving gel was doing the same thing! I didn't have a coupon for it though. if they have indeed changed the rules.... yikes! what are we going to do? lol