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Spring Welcome Makeover

I've been trying to "spruce" things up around here since I'm not working and have the time.

One thing that was looking really sad and neglected is my Birdhouse on the porch. This is one of the first things hubby brought home to me from the trash. At that time (years ago) it looked brand new. I love it and can't part with it, so I decided to make it over.

The roof had a piece broke off that needed replacing. The little bird had cracked. The climbing vine had lost more leaves than was left. The original sign was lost years ago and it needed it's paint job freshened up.

Look at it now. Full of Spring!

I decided to dry brush new paint on it so it would still look distressed but yet refreshed and tacked on a new vine.

Then I removed the old roof and replaced it with metal flower bed edging which also came from a dumpster dive excursion. :) {I thought I was pretty ingenious for this idea, BUT check out what Laurie did HERE}. I used furniture tack/nails to give the roof some detail.

One piece of the old roof was painted with chalkboard paint to make the new sign. Now I can change it to say whatever I want! I already changed it. lol It now says "Welcome to Our Nest".

I removed the old cracked bird and wasn't going to put another one on since I didnt have one that small. Then I remembered someone (mother?) had given me these little birdies. I dry brushed them to lighten them up a little and gave them their new home.

Aren't they cute?

Anyone else been doing some spring cleaning and sprucing up?

And if you're here from the Gettin Crafty Party, be sure to let me know so I can visit you.
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  1. Hey Lisa!! Thanks so much for the shout-out in your post, I'm so flattered!!! And I love your birdhouse spruce-up! Your blog is adorable and I'm now a follower. Thanks again so much!

  2. Hi Lisa,
    That is a cute birdhouse, what a great idea to use the metal on top. I haven't done anything Springy yet for my front porch.

    I've changed my blog address and since you were following me there, I'd thought I'd give you my new one to follow:


  3. That's a great makeover - glad you were able to salvage it! =) I saw your note on my blog about printing on fabric and transfer paper.

    I definitely need to do a tutorial on that but here's some quick info: my printer is an HP inkjet. To print on the iron-on transfer paper, make sure your have the mirror image setting to on (it'll print backwards but when you iron on, it will look correct). For printing on fabric use spray adhesive and attach your fabric to a piece of cardstock. Put in print side down and just print - very easy!

    I've never ironed onto burlap. Or used it for the printing on fabric but I have one that isn't so grainy/bumpy that I'm going to try it on.

    Sorry so long! Happy new follower!


  4. Laurie I loved what you did and wanted to share it with everyone. The project was great.

    Maria Thanks for your new address so I can continue to follow you.

    Jeanine Thanks for answering my question.

  5. Lisa,

    This is just adorable. You are SO talented!