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Reusable Produce Bags

You all know I LOVE reuseable shopping bags, and for many reasons. I feel I'm doing good by not helping to contribute to the plastic shopping bag problem at landfills. I get a rebate for every one I use at my grocery store. They are SOoOoO much easier to carry heavy loads (canned goods, milk, etc) in, etc.

BUT, did you know I also LOVE mesh bags?

The green ones I use for produce bags. {I stole the idea when I seen them being handmade and sold on etsy} No more plastic produce bags for me! I've been asked several times at the grocery store by other ladies where I got them or they will comment, "That's a great idea!" I keep them in one of my reuseable shopping bags in my car. If they get dirty, I throw them in the washer.

The white ones I use for sock bags. My son has one hanging by his dirty laundry basket and throws his worn socks into it. When I do laundry, I grab it, zip it, and throw it in the washer, then to the dryer and finally gets dumped into his sock drawer. EASY!

I bought these mesh bags at Dollar Tree and Dollar General, so they are really cheap and last a long time.

Do you use mesh bags? Do you use them for other purposes? I would love to hear how, leave me comments!


  1. Wow great minds think alike :) Great post. thanks for stopping by and introducing me to your slice of life!

  2. I love mesh bags! I use one for my "unmentionables" since we wash our clothes together. It makes it so much easier to put the clothes away later. I also used to use some for the kiddos baby clothes, keeping his socks in one for washing and his little baby mittens too. I'll have to stop by dollar tree and get pink ones for the new kiddo :o). Thanks for the reminder!

  3. Yes we use reuabale bags. My huaband has a big orange mesh bag that he uses when fishing. Instead of a stringer that goes through the fish gills, he just puts them in the mesh sack and hangs it on the side of boat until he is done fishing!

  4. KJ I was thinking the same thing. Thanks for stopping by.

    Amiyrah I used them when the boys were a baby also. My washer loved to eat those tiny socks.

    Patti Using a mesh bag for fishing is a wonderful idea! I bet it's a lot easier than using a stringer. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I buy curtain sheers from second hand stores and make reusable probuce bags for myself, friends and family. I got the idea from another person's blog spot: http://wisdomofthemoon.blogspot.com/2008/01/cheap-easy-fabric-produce-bags.html
    Hope that this helps some people out! :)

  6. Angela love your repurpose idea! We all need to do more repurposing to keep things out of the landfills.

  7. you can cook with the bag in the pot and just pull up the bag to use as a strainer