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Making a Spring Cloche

The parts: a candlestick bought from Goodwill for $1.99, a cheese dome I've had for years, a dome bought from Old Time Pottery for $2.99, a nightlight found in a box of my aunt's junk and a piece of a lamp.

I popped the plug part out of the night light. I sprayed the candlestick and wood base to the cheese keeper/server. Seriously, what are these things called? Anybody?

I stacked it all up. Then I took a little mini grape vine wreath (.10 at thrift store) and a straw decoration off another wreath; curling it around the grape vine to make the nest. I glued it to a stick cut from my yard. The two little blue eggs are candy. lol I printed off some sheet music from the internet.
I didnt glue anything together but the wreath, nest, twig and eggs. That way I can change my cloche around to get different looks whenever I want. ~Yes, I have a problem committing~

I love it. So simple, so clean looking. So what do you think? Does it work for you?

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  1. love it! I wish i could find a cloche...someday :)

  2. This particular piece is not my style, but I'm blown away by all the creative things you've been making lately from things around your house. My sister does that a lot, but I seem to have missed out on the "decorating gene". :)

  3. Brandi If you get tired of waiting like I did, make yourself one. There are so many wonderful ideas here in blogland of how to make one. I've searched for a real vintage cloche for several years. You can buy them new from gardening magazines.

  4. Annie decorating is something I used to spend a lot of money on. When I turned to the internet to learn how to save money on groceries & toiletries I not only learned that you could save money there, but on decorating also. So I've been having so much fun with both! There are lots of inspiration, no matter what your style is, here in blogland.

  5. this is awesome! I love the idea with the washer on the top. GREAT work!

  6. This is just wonderful- plus I think I have all of the items it takes to make it.

    I am linking to the same party- stop by if you have time.

    I am now a follower-


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  7. That is very cute! I love the nest and the music.

  8. Thanks for stoping over to see my mantle. I love your remake, don't you just love spray paint. I always try to keep my eyes out for making something new out of something old, thanks for the idea. I'm a new follower.