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New 2011 Household Management Planner Printables

It's the first of the year and time to update your household management planner.  If you don't have a household planner, now is the PERFECT time to start one.  It will keep you organized and save you money! 

I always like to change mine up every year.  Having a new cover and design for the year is uplifting and inspiring for me.

The one I chose this year is Erin from Frugal Living.  Her new printables are wonderful. 

Here's a peek at the Budget worksheet.  Very well organized and has enough room to actually write figures in!

There are several different meal planning worksheets including this 4 week monthly. My goal is to get to where I am planning a month at a time instead of a week at a time.

My 2 favorites are the When to Buy What Calendar and Foraging calendar.

I have a list of "when to buy what's" but never took the time to put them on my calendar.  I just had it stuck in my planner.  Now it's all on a calendar where it's easy to glance at.  Erin has done the work for us! Thanks Erin!

I've been learning more about foraging but the most important thing to know is exactly when each plant is in season. Erin has put this on a calendar also.  It will be interesting seeing if her timeline is the same, ahead or behind me due to geographical differences.  For the January & February foraging calendar she has nothing.  If you know of something that can be foraged in these months, let me know so I can add it to my calendar!

Have you updated your household management planner for this year yet?  Have you found any new exciting printable tools that you will be using this year?  If so, you know I love new printables, so be sure to share with me!

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  1. I do use a household notebook, but I haven't updated it since I made it back in 2001 or 2002. I created my own pages and so far, they've worked well for me. Although I must say, I've moved away from having everything in one book that I have to move from room to room with me and now have other pages that I keep where they are needed (meal planning in the kitchen, budget info and address book in the office, etc.)

    I should probably go through it soon, though and get rid of anything I don't still need. I'm going to give Erin's printables a look just to see if there's any ideas there. I can't print anything until I get my ink cartridges refilled, though. I'm just about out.

  2. This is an excellent idea. I've never used a household planner but this make me want to try.

  3. Great printables. Thanks for the link!

  4. Annie there are a lot of different systems. I don't keep my bills or addresses in my hmp. But I do keep my budget and meal planning in it. My hmp is kept in the kitchen where I do my meal planning, pay bills, etc. My hmp is my command center for my home and I use it to contain important household information and stay organized. Having it in one place together makes it easy for hubby to find if needed.

    Sasha Let me know if you have any questions or need any suggestions.

    Colorado Girl you're welcome.