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A Special Bird Watching Photo Session

When I woke up Monday morning there were so many birds at my feeders. I really enjoy sitting and watching them first thing in the morning, while drinking my morning pick me up.

I took a few shots to share. They look foggy/cloudy because of our double paned windows being a little fogged up so bear with me.

He is eyeing the prize!

Coming in for a not so graceful landing! lol

"I made it!"

"Whatch you lookin' at?"

"Looks like dinner to me!"


  1. fabulous captures. saw a cardinal in our tree today...and felt lucky to see it!

  2. Great photos, I especially love the photo with the cat. Did you have to clean kitty drool off the window?

  3. These are great photos, I love the one of his wing span! I enjoy watching them as well. My parents have double sliders that they place bird feeders outside of and we sit and watch them. So beautiful and free they are... Thanks for sharing. Hope you have a great weekend!

    P.S. I will be working on the post for the award you had given me...sorry it's taken so long, college Math has been keeping me very busy!! ;-) I finished last night though so trying to catch up!

  4. Hi! Just wanted to let you know I posted about your award today! Thanks again!