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Sell or Exchange those Unwanted Gift Cards

Don't let those unwanted gift cards you received over the holidays go to waste!

Plastic Jungle is the web's largest secured gift card exchange, accepting over 400 brands!

Plastic Jungle has the best payout rate, up to 92% cash and 5% more if you select an Amazon.com Gift Card

•Swap gift cards for CASH - via check or PayPal.
•Turn gift cards into Amazon.com Gift Cards.
•Exchange gift cards for Facebook Credits.
•Trade gift cards for Gamepoints - a virtual currency you can use on hundreds of social games.
•Even donate gift cards to your favorite charity!

You can also buy gift cards at a discount of 30% OFF!

It's quick and easy. Be sure to check them out.


  1. I don't get this. I've never received a gift card that I didn't want. LOL!

  2. I often wondered about this site. Thanks for sharing.