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Ingenious Idea for Detering Deer From Your Garden

I've never had to contend with deer in my gardens. I feel so lucky because I read the struggles and frustration from people who put so many hours of hard work into their gardens only to be destroyed by deer.

Of all the tips over the years I think this one is the best! I would like my readers to let me know if they try this and how well they think it worked for them. I think it's pretty ingenious myself, but with no deer I can't try it.

Let me know if you try it!

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  1. That sound quality was distracting. Did actually say "pee"? I mean, it sounded like that but I wasn't sure.
    But now I wish I had some deer and a garden just to try it. My kids would love this project. ha!

    1. Mark check your speakers, or maybe your ears! lol The sound was just fine on my end. Not everyone is a pro like you. ;)

      Yes he said "PEE"! That is a common deer deterrant. Your boys would definitely love pee-ing into the bottles for this project.