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Weekly Garden Update

Things are growing nicely in our garden. I spent all day Sunday planting more tomatoes, onions, and pepper plants.

We know have 24 tomato plants planted, 8 to go. Twenty are in the garden and the other 4 are in pots on our deck. Some of them have already put on tomatoes! That doesn't include the 3 volunteers that have sprung up in the "kitchen" garden.

The potatoe boxes need more compost, they grow so fast and are now blooming! We've already added two more wood layers to the boxes.

Some of my carrots were showing their tops and needed dirt hilled up on them. When I was weeding the bunching onions I seen a potatoe laying right on top of the soil from my volunteer potatoe plant. I covered him up, but it was nice to know it was putting on potatoes as well.

The grape vines are growing steadily.

I did a lot of weeding also, and there is still more to do, but I am ahead of them in the garden anyway. We won't talk about the weeds in the front flower beds along the sidewalk coming into my front door. I have to get it weeded. It needs remulched so bad to cut down on the weeds. It's been about 4 years since I added any. Hopefully I will be able to get a truck load of mulch this week or coming weekend.

I'm really sore from the planting & weeding marathon this weekend. Just when you start to get used to it, gardening season is over!

Did any of you plant any more this weekend?

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  1. We planted corn and green beans late last week. Once the corn is up a little, we'll plant pintos, zucchini and butternut squash with it (Three Sisters planting).

    We are only growing eight tomato plants this year because we still have so many in the freezer from the 40+ we had last year.

    We still need to figure out where to plant peppers and cukes. Spinach isn't doing well, so I think they can go in that bed.

    1. I've thought about using the three sisters method but decided if I was going to grow corn I needed a much larger area. It is a great concept! Be sure to post some pics once things are growing.

      I'm having another marathon plant year, I need to get a lot of salsa, tomato sauce and spaghetti sauce canned this year. It's been several years since I planted this many. I hope they do well.

      My spinach did NOTHING this year. Not sure why. I'll try again for a fall planting.

  2. Love your pictures! And can't believe you have your tomatoes already fruiting! I planted my peppers and beans this weekend, some pumpkins and squashes.

    1. Jenny I have NEVER had tomatoes on Mother's Day! I have ALWAYS planted my plants on Mother's Day. This year with the winter being so mild here and spring coming so much earlier, hubby insisted on getting them out. Not all my plants were planted so early though. So hopefully that will stagger the harvest!