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Coffee: Do You Like It Hot Or Cold?

A couple of weeks ago my husband won this....

The Keurig Elite Brewing System. It came with a variety box of K-cups to try. None of them were all that great for the price. Those little suckers are EX-PEN-SIVE! So I bought him the little cup adapter so he could buy bulk coffee beans and grind his own, which he says is better. I wouldn't know, I don't drink HOT coffee.

I like my coffee COLD and SWEET and CREAMY! This new system that takes up ALOT of room on my counter is supposed to brew hot chocolate, tea and ICED COFFEE. So when I went shopping I was going to pick up some cream and try to make my favorite...

Starbucks frappuccino mocha iced coffee!

But instead of cream I found this....

It is everything I love in an Iced Mocha Coffee. Cold-Sweet-Chocolaty-Creamy. And the price wasn't bad either. I figure I deserve a treat once in a while.

Move over Starbucks! There is a new Mocha in my fridge. If you like Starbucks' you have to try International Delight!


  1. I actually like it hot in the morning but cold in the afternoon :)

    1. Jenny I know a lot of people who like it just like you!

  2. I think that overall, I prefer hot coffee, but I do like a frappuccino-type drink now and then. I make my own with home-brewed coffee or sometimes instant coffee, evaporated milk, a touch of vanilla, and then sweetened to taste. Sometimes I add a little homemade chocolate syrup to it, too. I made one the other day with real maple syrup and it was really good. :)

    1. Annie real maple syrup? Sounds yummy!