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Garden still producing

The Contender Bush Beans are up!  The Roma II's are pushing up slowly.  If I can keep the bugs from eating them up, we may have beans.  Not sure what is eating on them.

The tomatoes are still blooming and setting fruit.  I think I may have won the battle against the last rush of hornworms.

I have tomatoes ready to pick and greens ones growing nicely with the milder weather.  These tomatoes are the Fourth of July tomatoes.  They will continue to produce until the first frost.  Very  nice tomato for salads and sandwiches.  They are not large, but great taste.

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  1. We have tomatoes, still, and our green beans look to be about the size of yours. We are just now getting our first zucchinis because we were so late to get them planted. We may plant more lettuce and radishes next week.

  2. Very nice looking tomatoes! Hope your beans make it this time without bugs. I have a bunny inside the garden eating away at mine.