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I refuse to touch them...

They poop on you!  I found six of them on two of my tomatoe plants.  I thought I was done with them for the year... no such luck!

Saturday we took a trip north to Planters Seed Company.  The store is like stepping back into time.  All hard wood floors, that have to be over 100 years old.   The bulk garden seed is in wood drawers that cover one entire wall.  The majority (if not all) of the seed is heirloom.  AND they sell it year round, something that is not easy to find unless you order from a catalog. 

I wanted to get a fall planting of green beans planted and couldn't find any seed left in any of the nearby stores. 

I purchased three different heirloom varieties of green beans and some mammoth dill.  They have the coolest garden stick ruler on the counter free with a purchase.  It has a reference chart on how deep and spacing on planting your seeds.  The beans were $1.50 for a quarter pound.  That makes it $6 a pound, not cheap, but they are quality seeds.

They also carry spices.  I bought several, but pictured here are their meatloaf and poulty seasoning that I've heard a lot about.  I also picked up basil, ginger, and Bourbon Street Steak Rub.  Their spices are reasonably priced.  They carry anything you can imagine.

With all the seed and spices I spent $22.

The store carries bird feeders of all kinds, bird seed, teas, any type of flower pot you could ever want from teeny tiny to absolutely huge.  If you are ever in the Kansas City Area be sure to visit them. 

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  1. I'm sorry to see you've got the same vermin as I have on mine :( Hope they won't do too much damage. Nice going on seeds!

    1. Jenny I thought I was done with them for the year! No such luck! I just can't stand to touch them, they hold on for dear life!

  2. Planter's is such a neat store!

    1. Annie I love it. I wish there were more stores around like it. I hate shopping the big box stores.

  3. HI Lisa,

    Do they do mail order? Their spice prices are phenomenal.

  4. Dummy me! I just clicked on the link and answered my own question. Thanks.