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How will you get coupons next Sunday?

Speaking of coupons, this coming Sunday is the biggest weekend of the year for coupons! 2 Smart Source and 2 Red Plum.

I'm excited and trying to figure out a way to get my papers cheaper than $2. I have some money on Walgreens gift cards I've accumulated from their easy saver rebate program that I may use. That would more or less make my papers free.

The only thing, is that I have to drive into the city to the nearest Walgreens. With gas dropping around here, it still would be worth it. My car gets great gas mileage and it would only take a gallon at $1.39.

With it being a big weekend, there will not be any papers around here in my little town unless I find out exactly when the delivery man drops them off. They always short us on papers on the big weekends and I have to drive to the city to get some anyways.

Another plus is, when I get the papers in the city they are only $1.50 a piece! Hmmmm, now that I think about it, the .50 per paper I save will pay for the gas to get up there if I buy at least 3 papers. Anything over the three and it will be a total savings over buying them here in my town out of a machine dispenser. Buy another 3 papers and that saves another $1.50 which would cover the 7th paper.

So if I purchase 6 papers in my hometown (assuming that I would even be able to get 6 papers) it would cost me $12 OOP. But if I drive to the city I could purchase 7 papers and it would only cost me $10.50 of my rebate money and about $1.50 OOP for gas.

So now I need to find out which Walgreens are open 24 hours a day and what time they get their papers. I’ll decide how many papers I’ll purchase once I find out what coupons are suppose to come out. I usually get 4 papers every week. I’m thinking I’ll get 7 next week.

How many papers are you planning on getting? Have you figured out a way to get your papers really cheap or even FREE? Does anyone know of a site that previews the coupons other than Taylortown?


  1. Our papers cost $1 each at most stores. I'm going to use ECBs & WAGS GC to purchase mine. If the coupons were as good as they were at the beginning of this year, then I'm gonna purchase 10 papers. I've found coupon previews on slickdeals (as early as Tuesday) and couponclippers before. HTH :-)

  2. pubbler Thanks for the coupon preview site info. I am being impatient I know, but I want to know what coupons is scheduled to come out. I'm really excited about this weekend. Last year I was warned that it would be the best weekend for coupons and didnt really take heed. Boy was I sad when I couldnt get any papers in my hometown. I'm trying to plan for this year a little better so I dont get caught with my pants down. I did finally find a few last year but boy was it a headache.

  3. Being in a "border town" I usually drive to the QuikTrip just over the county line to get the paper for $1.50. It's a mile farther away at the most. Better yet, if I drive a few more yards, I can get it out of the newspaper machine at the motel there and not pay any sales tax. ;)

  4. I love your snowman blog layout!!

    I'm trying to cut down to 2 CVS cards, so I'm going to follow the advice Lisa B left on my blog, and burn a bunch of EBs on them.

  5. I'm lucky that I have 2 co-workers who bring me their inserts every week. And next weekend I'll be at my dad's house, so he'll get his own paper too. Apparently the WAGs in the next county has .99 papers, but it's 1.50 for me. Sounds like a pretty good use of ECBs this week...

  6. annie I'm pretty sure I know what motel you are talking about. I hadnt thought about checking hotel/motel machines. Thanks for the tip.

    Laurie I have some ECB's expiring on 1-7-08. I might have to check the CVS stores in the city and burn some there too. ;)

    Emily you lucky duck! that's great when you can get FREE inserts.

  7. emily ps... when you gonna start a blog? hehe

  8. Lisa, Sams club sell sunday papers on a Monday. You can check them out (if you have a membership) if you don't find any/enough papers on Sunday. I'm just as excited as you are, but I guess we have to wait until someone posts the list.

  9. I will get quite a few using ECB's!