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Growing My Food Storage $5 A Week

Another week of growing my food storage with just $5. I'm always thinking of ideas to make it grow faster on a tight budget. If you have an idea or tip, be sure to share it.

I've canned several jars of salsa from produce grown from our garden. Love it when the food storage grows without having to spend my $5!

Last week I purchased 6 cans of corn from Dollar General.  The price is 3 cans for $2. This is a fair price but I'm watching for a rock bottom sale at one of the grocery stores because I know I can get it even cheaper than this, but needed to get some corn in the pantry. Our favorite canned vegetables are corn, green beans and carrots.  

Some of my family's other favorites that I purchase often are:

peanut butter
Ramen Noodles

This isn't all I buy, but I like to buy what we use the most of and are used to eating. I add other items but just not in large quantities such as applesauce (great for baking as well) beans, and crackers.

I need to get my storage organized and cleaned up so I can post a picture of my progress.

In the next couple of months when the weather is cooler I will be canning meats.

Have any of you been adding to your food storage?

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  1. I added few jars of canned corn and peas this week as it was on sale. And we have enough frozen green beans, carrots and squash to last us through the winter now.

    1. Great job Jenny! I gotta get mine inventoried so I know where I am at and how much more I need for this winter.

  2. I am starting to do this every week grocery shopping. I try to get a bag of pasta or a can of sauce or something just so we have enough in case prices go up higher than they should.

    1. Thats great! Growing your food storage a little each week will make a big difference.

  3. Excellent advice for building a food storage. So many people think it's expensive to do, but not like this!

    1. Leigh that's why many of us promote the $5 a week challenge. It really does help it to grow quickly, and doesn't break the budget. I like to challenge myself to see just how much I can get for the $5! I like to use coupons and buy when stuff is on sale to make the $5 go even further too. I only buy what I know my family will eat. There is no sense in spending my $5 on those cans of something on sale if we don't like it!