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Making Salsa with my Kitchenaid Mixer

I've been busy making salsa. Lots of salsa. I ran out last winter in February. I hope I've made enough to last, but my husband will eat salsa everyday if he can get away with it.

This is my 3rd batch. I decided not to "can" it, meaning it was not water bathed. It went straight into the refridge. Two jars I'm giving away and I know they will be consumed immediately, and my husband will wolf down the remaining in our refridge. That saves a few more jars that I've already "canned" for later this winter.

This year is the first year I've used my KitchenAid Mixer. No more scorched fingers boiling tomatoes and skinning them. I love it!

Quite the contraption once set up! But I am in love with it!

That is all the seeds, cores and skins!

I need to count and see how many jars I have canned.  Plus we have already ate four!

My favorite antique jar!

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  1. Nice job on preserving your tomatoes! I haven't started with salsa yet as I need to reach 30 jars of sauce first. Then will do salsa for hubby :)

    1. Hubby was just asking last night when I was going to start making spaghetti sauce. I was wanting more salsa.... COME ON TOMATOES! lol

    2. We don't eat as much salsa as we do pasta in winter and I gave away last jar of salsa from last year about two weeks ago. I figured we'll need only 6 jars to have it once a month snacking and maybe couple of jars for christmas baskets.

  2. I love that antique jar!!! Put a zinc lid on it and store something out in the open in it! I've been making fresh salsa, we eat it pretty quickly. I had too many tomatoes last night, so I cannned 4 pints of whole tomatoes.
    My fresh salsa recipe, chopped tomatoes with skins on, onions, ciltranto, salt, jalapeno peppers and fresh lime jucie!

    1. OBQ that antique jar makes anything put in it taste better! ;) I already have so many sitting out on display.

      Your salsa recipe is a lot like mine, but I do put garlic and cumin in mine.