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Spring Flowers~ Cupcakes

Spring is here and flowers are popping up everywhere... even in my kitchen. :)

I seen these cute Flower Power cupcakes over at Grannies Kitchen and had to make some. The total time on the recipe is over 4 hours and I decided to do mine a little different. I needed something fun to do to relax after working hard all day but didnt have 4 hours.

After baking up a quick batch of cupcakes, all I did was cut my large marshmallows using scissors into 5 pieces. It was really cool how when you cut them the scissors pretty much shaped each petal.
I took another large mallow and cut it into slivers. I rolled a sliver to make the center of the flower (cause I didnt have small mallows).
Next I colored my sugar and decorated! Very easy and fun.

Thanks Grannies Kitchen for sharing.


  1. What a pretty and fun idea!

  2. You can't look at that not not smile, it just draws your mind to springtime!

  3. So cute!!!! I love it! :)

  4. Annie BW had fun cutting up the marshmallows and coloring the sugar. I don't know if Kat is old enough for this activity or not though she would have fun. lol

    Chicagolandia It's nice to know I made someone smile today!

    Lindsay Glad you liked! I really had a good time making these.

  5. Super cute! Looks like fun!

  6. I love this! Thanks for sharing it!

  7. that is very pretty. I wonder if you can make it with something else.. maybe cream instead of marshmellows? hmm. something to experiment with.

  8. that's pretty neat. I wish I could learn how to bake!! haha