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Frugal Christmas Shopping

My extended family decided last year that this year we would exchange gifts that were either hand-made or second hand items.

Last night I went shopping to a favorite thrift store. Here are a couple of frugal buys!

Dance Mania Mat- Regular Price $19.99. My thrift store $4.95, All kids stuff on Friday is 50% off, so I paid $2.47!

My husband was skeptical that it would work. The thrift store I went to always checks all electronics before putting them out on the shelf. I was confident it would work. It looked brand new! I brought it home, plugged it in and played a game of pinball on it before wrapping it up and putting it under the tree for my 10yr son.

Golf Putting Hole- Regular $29.95. Thrift store price $7.99. It too was brand new.

It's also wrapped and under the tree for my son.

Two items that retail for a total of $50.00 cost me $10.50!


  1. Wow! Love it! I got a great flannel shirt for my dad that was brand new from Sears and paid $6 for it for his birthday! I love thrift shopping! One store I use has a punch card and I earned $10 free in just a few visits.

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog. How cool that you got such great deals. Our local Goodwill store is a regular haunt for me, but I usually only find clothes for me. Their new housewares and toys are only slightly less money than they are in the store and if the box has never been opened, they are the same price! Everything else looks pretty worn. If they aren't for gifts, I can many times find junk and make it into treasure. But my favorite thing to buy there is jeans for me. I'm a pretty average size, so there's always a big selection and since jeans are supposed to look worn, it works out great!