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A Frugal Christmas

Shortly after we moved to our home in this small town of 900, our closest neighbor to the north of us moved in to their home. They are an elderly couple who sold there home of over 40 years due to crime and violence. They have several children and tons of grandchildren who do visit them quite often, but we none that live close. My husband and I keep an eye on them.

For Christmas I usually buy a fruit basket and we go over and visit with them for an afternoon.

This year fruit baskets are outrageous, even for a small one! I made my own and saved big time.

Basket $1
3 Macintosh apples $1.29
2 asian pears $1.96
3 clementines .66
mixed nuts .75
Total $5.66

My biggest problem was wrapping it. How do you think I did?

Here's how the sprays I salvaged from a load of trash at work came out. I kept them very simple.

2 evergreen sprays $ FREE
2 bunches of poinsettas $ FREE
2 rolls of ribbon $2.00
Total $2.00

I think I might add a few pinecones. What do you think?

Everything is wrapped and under the tree.

It looks like a lot, but I'm so satisfied with what we spent this year! Nothing was put on credit cards..... YEAH!

Happy Holidays to your family from ours!


  1. You did a fantastic job on the fruit basket!! I have to ask... wheat did you use to cover it?

  2. frugalfinds I used plain old saran wrap. Then tied the ribbon around the top edge of the basket tightly.