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Some of My Christmas Finds

I was unpacking more Christmas decorations this morning. I found a sack that I didnt recognize in the storage room with all my Christmas decorations. I opened it up and this is what was inside.
It was a sack of Christmas items I pulled out of a load of trash last year after Christmas. There was sticks of artificial poinsettas, ribbon, 3 douglas fir sprays (brand new, never been used, still has the price tag on them) some lights, etc.

I pulled the ribbon, sprays, and poinsettas out.

I need to spice up my railing around our stairs and this will do the trick. I'm not very creative, but I'll post a pic after the damage is done.

About 3 years ago (when my hubby was working at the same place as I) he found this wreath. Isnt it cute? It was also brand new, still in its box when he brought it home.
I added a few floral picks to the wreath to dress it up a little.

Last year I also found two of these Christmas trees. I put one up in my country kitchen and one in the family room.

The little table that it sits on also came out of the trash. The kitchen has 9 windows around the dining area. I always hang 6 stockings from each of the 6 full windows to symbolize my neices and nephews that I no longer get to see. The stockings came from an over-freight store for .10 a piece.

We have so many Christmas things pulled from the trash there is no way for me to display them all so I rotate the stuff on display from year to year. I just don't understand why people throw this stuff away! There are so many who could use it.

A lot of the stuff found has also been donated to a couple of churchs. Two years ago we saved every bicycle that came through. There was a couple that was going to Texas for the winter and we gave the bicycles to him. He switched parts around repairing the bikes, painted them and then loaded them up and took them to an orphanage near where they stay for the winter. Every child in the orphanage received a bicycle for Christmas that year. In the spring when our friends returned they brought us pictures of the kids with their bikes. It was a really heart warming experience.


  1. Holy talent Batman! I love those decorations!

  2. What a beautiful window and beautifully decorated!

    P.S. Thank you for your well wishes and for visiting my blog!

    I look forward to reading more of your blog as well!

  3. Your house is so beautiful and festive!

  4. worksformom thanks for stopping by my place and the compliment.

    melanie the dining area of the kitchen with all the windows is one of my favorite places in my home.

    katie gregg my kitchen is decorated with a festive pallet of color. It makes it easy to decorate for Christmas time!

    Thank you all for the kind compliments. I hope you will visit again.

  5. You have some wonderful ideas on here, Lisa. I'm adding your blog to my favorites later today. Also, I'd love to post your Grapefruit Soup recipe on mine this week, with a link back to yours, if you don't mind? That mixture sounds such a delicious cold remedy.

  6. anne I dont mind you posting the grapefruit soup recipe, glad to know someone else likes it! :)

  7. I love your Kitchen myself, This is my favorite room in the house. Sounds funny huh, 3865 square feet and I like this paticular 400 sqaure feet. The windows are my favorite.

    Love you babe