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My first CVS shopping experience

My first trip to CVS as a shopping hound.

My biggest tip for CVS shoppers is if you are going to buy anything that is going to earn you an ecb, divide your list into two separate orders. Buy ecb earners on first order so you can immediately cash them in on your second order.

I did this so I wont have to worry about carrying them with me, expiration dates, etc. There may be a time when I'm not able to divide my orders like this and will have to save them for a later date. But for me just starting out, on a very limited budget, and trying to build my pantry up, it helped me a great deal.

How do you think I did?

First order:

2 Palmolives 1.49 each ( 2 ecb's)
3 Energizer AA 8pack 5.29 each (5 ecb's)
1 Tums EX 4.69 (2 ecbs)

Used a .40 off palmolive coupon I printed off of couponloop,
each pack of batteries had $1 off coupon on them,
had a $2.00 off mfg Energizer coupon I printed off internet at their site
and used one of the pdf coupons 5/15 expired 12/30/07

My total I paid was 14.43 BUT

It printed out $9 worth of ECB's which I then used on my second order:

order two:

4 Puffs kleenex, buy one get one free (8 total boxes) 1.69 for the first four
1 Maxwell coffee, buy one get one free (2 total cans) 4.39
1 Maybelline mascara, buy one get one free (2 total) 4.99
1 Lays chip, buy one get one free (2 total) 3.49
1 cvs sevr cold medicine

coupons used:
1 maybelline mfg coupon $1
1 Maxwell coffee mfg coupon $1
the email from cvs $4/$20
cvs coupon from their site $2/10
1 pdf file cvs coupon $5/$15

and $9 ecb's!

My total was $2.93. Combined with the $14.43 My TOTAL OOP was $17.36
on $76.49 worth of merchandise.


  1. Way to go Lisa!! I am IMPRESSED!!That's a lot of goodies and I'm so happy for you,WooHoo:)

  2. Great job, I am anxious for the ad to come out tomorrow.

  3. WTG I think you did very well and you seemed to get thing you would really use. I love to do CVS