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Learning to Live More Frugally

Living life frugally means many different things to everyone. There are many ways to be frugal.

I am always on the look out for new ways to be more frugal. I found a new site today that looks promising in helping me to cut back my shopping expenses.


The registration was quick and easy. After entering your personal information there are about a half a dozen pages of other offers, if you arent interested just click SKIP at the bottom of the page.

They dont just offer coupons. The big thing I wanted to check out is the alerts you can sign up for telling you what will be on sale the upcoming week.

Make sure you download CouponMom's free ebook. It explains the cycle supermarkets put everything on sale. This concept I've heard of before but had forgotten.

I understand using coupons isnt the only way to be frugal. I used to use them quite often. I think I will incorporate into my way of living again.

If any of you have found any special deals at the big box stores, let me know.

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