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Do You Pick Up Pennies?

See a penny, pick it up.

I am amazed at the amount of people who blog about the money, in particularly the pennies they find. I am also amazed at the amount of people who intentionally throw away all their change up to a quarter.

I have a change jar, mainly pennies, and have had for years. I have used the money in it for various reasons. It has helped me out several times when in a pinch and money was tight. I havent had to use it for quite some time and I think I will count it at the end of the year and start tracking how much I add/find in 2008.

Do you save change? Do you pick up a penny if you see one on the street, in a store, etc? Do you have a change jar? What do you do with your money in the jar and how often?


  1. We have a bucket. A rather stylish penguin bucket, as a matter of fact. All the change we have goes into the bucket and we'll occasionally cash it in. We've been really working hard not to buy anything, so we very rarely have spare change. But when we do it goes in.

    Last year we cashed it in partially around Christmas at a Coin Star. A lot of people don't seem to know this, but they take a fair chunk of the change if you want cash payment. But if you select one of their giftcards the process is free.

    So we selected an Amazon.com gift card and gave it as a gift. It was around $25 and it was only a small portion of over all stash.

  2. I have an old, quite unattractive, plastic container. But it serves me well and any time I find change, have change or get change I dump it in the container. I use for all kinds of things. When it gets heavy then I know it's time to take to Coin Star. :-)

    I don't throw even a penny away.


  3. I save my change in a smallish glass jar that I tape pictures of my savings goals to. For instance, I am currently saving up for a vacation, so I have a nice beach scene taped to the outside of the jar.

    I also, definitely, pick up any change I see on the ground. Just yesterday I picked up 6 pennies scattered along my morning walking route. Every penny gets me closer to my goals!

  4. Ed, I didnt realize it was free if you selected one of the gift cards at Coin Star. Thanks for the tip.

    deb, My "jug" is an old plastic cat food jug. There is no beauty to it at all either.

    sheri, I used to always check pay phones, they are becoming non-existent now. I also check car wash machines when I go to wash my car. I always seem to find quarters there.

  5. We have an old 5 gallon glass water jug that we stash all our change in. We pick up change any chance we can and also rarely give change when paying. The whole family puts their change in the jug with the same goal in mind. This past fall we cashed it in after 3 years of saving for spending money on our trip to Disney. We had $1100!! That covered all the cash we needed while at Disney!! We are currrently trying to decide what we are saving for next.