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Recession Buster Blasts #20- Resources for Coupons

One of the most helpful things in becoming a frugal grocery shopper is knowing where to look for and get coupons.

When I decided to become a coupon clipper like other people I had read about and seen on tv I knew a couple of resources. Since then I have learned so much more. Here is a list of resources for coupons I utilize.

1) The Sunday newspaper. You will find coupon inserts in the large metropolitan paper closest to you. Some areas even have "Early Edition" Sunday papers that hit the stands on Saturdays. Sometimes the coupons in the early editions will be different from the paper that comes out on Sunday also. Check your papers!

There are sites that preview the coupons that will be coming out a few days before hand also! Try Coupon Clippers. There may be a coupon or two that will vary. (it always seems to be one I want too! lol)

2) Printables. Coupons can now be printed off the internet at a bunch of different websites. A couple of my favorites are: Coupon Loop and Smart Source Super Pages.

Also check out my sidebar for the Wal-Mart Printables Match Up. These printables can be used anywhere, not just Wal-Mart. (to see the widget full size, scroll down to my Categories and click on Wal-Mart) There are three different lists in this widget. List A, B, and Singles. These are the top 3 places to print coupons.

The printable coupons on most websites have a limit of how many times a coupon can be printed in a certain time frame. They are updated usually once a month with new coupons. Some of the sites will even email you when they have updated and added new coupons to the database.

3) Tearpads. This is the little note pad type books of coupons you see hanging through out stores. They normally will hang on the shelf by the product or on a display in the isle. Most of the time they can be redeemed at ANY store that accepts manufacturer coupons, not just the store where you receive them.

4) Peelies. Peelies will be found directly on the product. They are the little peel off sticker coupons. They are desgned to be redeemed right then at the time of purchase. I always check the expiration date on them and if it's for a later date than the coupon I already have in hand, then the peelie does not get redeemed then.

5) Magazines. Many magazines have advertisements paid for by the manufacturer that will include a clippable coupon. The best magazine for coupons consistently is ALL YOU. You can purchase a subscription or it may be picked up at Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart is the only store that carries this mag.

6) Blinkies. This is the little dispensing machines with the blinking light you see hanging off the shelves in stores. If it's a product that I really like and buy often, I will get at least half a dozen coupons, especially if the expiration date is decent!

7) Booklets. These are information books or brochures manufacturers print up to inform us, the consumer, about their product. To get you to try the product, they often will include coupons and rebates in the books, brochures or pamphlets. The expiration date on these are usually 6 months to a year due to the cost of printing the material up and printing of mass quantities. Look for them at your pharmacy, doctor's office, dentist office, and vet's office.

8) Home Mailers. Be sure to check your junk mail for rebates and coupons. It was reported last week that one of the national tv survey companies had enclosed $5 bills with their surveys. If I remember right it was the Neilsen TV Ratings.

9) Hang Tags. These are tags found hanging around the neck of a bottle. I have found hang tags on ketchup, mustard, salad dressing and shampoo. I've heard that the latest is hang tags on wine bottles. I've not been fortunate enough to find those.... yet!

10) Inside or on product packaging. Be sure to check your pet food bags, frozen foods, etc. I have even found them on the reverse side of labels off canned food.


  1. GREAT ideas.. I went to the grocery store early MON morning and they gave me all the coupon inserts that were left over... OH MY.. tons and tons of coupons.. I've been clipping all week.... hopefully hubby will go back again for me this Monday!

  2. FlipFlop Mom That's great. I've been told a lot of others have made arrangements with certain stores for pick ups on Monday. All our stores around here sell the Sunday paper all week long and it doesnt even get discounted!

  3. Very nice article that you have written. It should help a lot of newbies! Thanks Lisa for sharing.

  4. I am a newbie...Thank you for the help!! It is really nice to have the pros..show me how to do all of this!!

  5. Precious Thank you for the compliment. With you being a veteran, did I forget to mention anything?

    MoodyMommy I'm so glad you stopped by my blog. It was nice chatting with you yesterday.

  6. I have another suggestion. A coupon exchange. I'm am member of a yahoo coupon exchange group. We are divided up into groups of 6 and every week pass around all our left over coupons so the others can use them. This way more of the coupons can get utalized. :)