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$50 FREE from Honey Nut Cheerios Instant Win

Over 40,000 cash prizes! $5 cash Instant Win Prizes (1 per 10-minute interval) 100+ winners a day!

Starts June 1, 2009 and ends March 9, 2010. (Don't know how I missed this for over a month!)

Free online code K30FR-H4F3H-7720 You can play 10 times per day using the same code; the code is provided on their site.

One (1) Instant Win Game prize per person per day with a maximum of ten (10) Instant Win Game prizes per person during the Promotion Period.

Get started HERE.

Let me know if you win! I hope some of us do. I've been playing for the last two days and havn't won..... yet! :)


  1. I won a few weeks ago and got my check recently...

    Good Luck to everyone!

  2. slugmama Wonderful! I used all my 10 entries today. Will try again tomorow.