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Bargains of the Week!

I've been busy shopping and not just for groceries.....

Today at Price Chopper I scored 8 buckets/tubs (what would you call it any ways?) of shortening for .79 a piece from the clearance bin! They don't expire until April 2010. They are an off brand like Shurfine but hey! I'm not going to complain since even an off brand around here is over $3.00. I never get any good coupons for name brands such as Crisco, do you?

I've been really bummed out because our sofa has just all of a sudden started falling apart. One arm had a quarter size hole in it that grew to the size of a saucer in what seemed like over-night.

I've been searching around at flea markets, thrift stores and derailed commodities for a new one for a couple of months now. I was hoping to find something to go with what furniture we already had and what color the carpet and walls were. This hasnt been easy even though my walls and carpet are shades of coffee (with cream please! hehe). But persistence paid off.

Last Wednesday I found this like new couch at a thrift store. They had just put it out on the floor and it wasnt even priced yet. (Nope, I already had the poodle. She's such a camera whore!)

I checked it out thoroughly and found that one of the back cushions had tore away from the back of the couch. I approached the manager and asked how much she wanted it for. She told me she would have it marked. A few minutes later her and another lady came over with their price gun and marked it at $59.99. It was the highest price in the store I had ever seen on a couch (even the ones that look brand new) and said sweetly, "$59.99? It's tore and I will have to have it repaired." The manager asked me where it was tore and I showed her. She said "Ok, how is $34.99?" I told her I would take it! My mother bout fell over and after the two employees walked off she said "You should be ashamed of yourself! You stole that couch!" haha

I told her I was planning on "stealing" a camera real soon to replace mine that decided to die last week. I cannot live with out a camera. Take the cell phone, take the tv... take anything but my laptop and camera!

Well Saturday morning I was checking on Craigslist to see if anyone had listed the camera I had decided I wanted. A Kodak 1012IS! It sells at Wal-Mart for $289.99. Sure enough a guy about 45 miles away from me listed one for $125.00.

I was so excited I about peed my pants. Hubby and I loaded up and met the guy and his wife. The camera was in great shape except there was no manual, strap or batteries. Hubby asked him if he would take $100 for it and flashed him the $100 bill. SOLD! As you can see from the washed out pics, I'm still learning how to use it. :)

I'm still on the hunt for a rotisserie so I can cook whole chickens on my deck! Been looking for 4 months, keep your fingers crossed for me one comes up soon. It's too hot to turn my oven on!

Are you hunting for anything special or have snagged any great deals lately? Please do share!


  1. Lisa, I love deals like this!! We went in search of a real desk a few yrs back. I was tired of the cheap put together Sauder stuff and wanted a real desk! We had a new "junk" store open so we went there first. Wouldn't ya know, $50.00 bought us a huge, SOLID wood desk!! Went home very happy!


  2. Lisa--- I went to yard sales Friday w/ DBF and his mom and sister. Looked at a cat carrier that was marked $10, but not in good shape. They wouldn't go any lower than $8, so I passed on it. DBF's mom GAVE me her extra one instead!

    Ooty-- Good job. I got my huge solid wood desk in the '90s when the local court house closed and a new one was built. It's about 5 ft. by 3 ft. It's got a 1974 calendar glued in the pull-out section so I know it's older than me. I only gave $10 for it!

  3. Oot: I bet it took more than two men to move that desk too! lol I was just "repairing" my sons cheap put together Sauder type chest of drawers today and cussing. :) Why don't they make stuff to last forever like before? I'm now on the hunt for a solid wood chest of drawers at flea markets or thrift stores. My son would call it an "old timey" chest of drawers. lol

    Shelly Hey you can't beat FREE! good for you.

    I love thrifting at thrift stores, garage sales, auctions, and flea markets. And I never just pay what the price is marked without at least asking for a bigger discount. You never know until you ask.

  4. I snagged free HBO for a year with Comcast cable, just for asking about HBO specials. Free entertainment!! That has been my best deal of the week!

  5. My favorite piece of furniture was free! My MIL was getting rid of a gorgeous, wrought iron & slate coffee table simply because FIL didn't like it anymore. happily, I snapped it up and am trying to build my living room around it.

  6. What a wonderful job, mentor! lol...you did great on both fronts. I love the stripes on the couch! I'm a stripe person and instantly loved it when I saw the picture! Great job on the camera too. It's awesome when things just fall into place. So happy for you!

  7. Lisa, a friend of mine has a countertop style rotisserie in her garage sale today. I forgot what brand, but I think it may have been a Foreman. Used but in great condition. She has it marked at $30, but it belongs to her sister, so she isn't sure if the price is firm or not. If you're interested, email me and I'll set you up with my friends phone number so you can talk to her and find out more. imannies (at) gmail.com.