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CVS 101

After posting the $10 CVS gift card giveaway, I received a lot of questions regarding how to get great deals at CVS. If you havnt entered the giveaway, go HERE!

I could spend a couple of hours and write out a CVS 101, but I'm going to direct you to the places I found my answers when I was a newbie starting out. The ladies who have taken the time to put together these tutorials have spent a lot of time on them and done a great job. So please visit them, read their tutorials and you'll be into the CVS shopping game in no time.

Money Saving Mom: "Since I’ve mentioned some of the CVS deals for the week here, there have been a lot of readers who have emailed in with questions on how CVS works. I spent a good few hours researching how to “do” CVS when I first began and sometimes forget how complex it can seem when you first start out!

For those of you who are still trying to figure things out, what follows is a CVS 101Primer".... continued HERE

Couponing 101: "This is a simple (hopefully) guide to shopping at CVS for those who are unsure of how this whole CVS thing works!" continued HERE

Once you have those read then be sure to visit Erica at i heart cvs. She posts the actual ad scans (sometimes the ads will vary region to region though). This way you can see in advance what is coming out in the ads and do some planning ahead and coupon trading. Here is a link to her cvs for newbies.

REMEMBER: Start slow, start small.

Every week on Sundays, Alyssa from Keeping The Kingdom First hosts the $5 CVS Challenge. Visit there and see what $5 scenarios everyone shares. There is something for everyone.


  1. Great post. These ladies definitley have it down. I love Money Saving Mom's website for CVS and a lot of other great deals. I'm sure the other folks are fab too and I can't wait to check them out.

  2. Thanks so much for the mention, I appreciate it! Glad I can help others learn the wonderful world of CVS.