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Precious' Money Saving Challenge

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I kept all lights off today and used natural light. I try to do this everyday, but yesterday was dark and cloudy so I used one lamp (with a cfl bulb) to read by.

I have only used my stove once this week to cook 4 fried steak burgers tonight. Other nights the outdoor wood burning grill/smoker, microwave or deep fryer was used.

We've been eating a lot of fresh veggies from our garden fixed a variety of ways this week, so no cooking required... yeah for me! Hubby loves Pico de Gallo and eats it with tortilla chips or on his meats. I also enjoy it all ways including plain as a type of salad! I also made cucumber & onion salad. One night I fried tons of okra. The two salads, okra, a burger and some cheese and crackers makes light frugal dinners for hubby and I. We've also ate leftover baked ziti.

I put hubbies filthy work shirts in a plastic tub with free oxi clean and water on the deck table in the sun. I let them soak there for two days. The hot sun does such a great job of heating the water up and boosting the cleaning power of the oxi clean.

I ran my dishwasher today. A FULL load and I do not use the dry cycle.

A load of throw rugs was washed in cold water and hung on porch railing to dry. Shower curtain was also washed and then rehung wet to dry on its own.

Fed 5 cats everyday with FREE Purina kitten food. Two of these cats are our indoor pets. The other three are ferrel type cats we inherited when we bought our home 4 years ago.

Fed my two poodles with FREE mighty dog can food. Have I ever told you I love coupons for FREE pet food?

Mail received so far this week: All You magazine, Mother Earth News, Womans Day and Family Circle. All these mags were free subscriptions except All You and it was a deeply discounted subscription.

Clipped some coupons.

I also received the Digiorno Flatbread Melt Free coupon in the mail yesterday. Guess when it expired? July 24, 2009. Wonder what's up with the postal service? geesh Did any of you receive this coupon after it was expired?


  1. Mine had an expiration date of the 15th I think, and I got it about a week before. I'd call them, that's bs.

  2. Lisa,

    I would call them too! They should replace it without a problem!

  3. I got mine less than a week before it expired. I'd call and complain!