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CVS Shopping

I will be announcing the first of my Blogiversary Month giveaways later today. Don't miss it!

If you still have any of the $1 Coke printable coupons that were available a couple of months ago now is a good time to use them. After coupons and the $3 ECB you will receive makes them $1.50 a 12 pack.

The shelf was marked $17.99 for the camera battery. I didnt realize it until I got home but it rang up $9.99. Now I'm wondering why they were able to take the $5 off $30 since my total wasnt over $30. Do you have any ideas? The register didn't beep or anything.

Transaction 1
4 12pks Coke $13
1 Palmolive .88
1 Lithium camera battery $17.99 ($9.99)

4 $1 Coke coupons
1 .25 Palmolive coupon
1 CVS $5 off $30 coupon

Total OOP $14.62 (plus tax)
Recvd $3 ECB back

Transaction 2

2 index card holders $1.98
2 Pilot pens $1.98
1 Colgate $2.88

Total OOP $6.84 (plus tax)
Recvd $1.98, $1.98 and $2.00 ECB back.

I forgot to use my $1 coupon for the colgate! errrrr I was mentally still on the first transaction trying to figure out in my head why my total was so low, there were people stacking up behind me, and the cashier was bound and determined I was going to use my $3 ECB off the first transaction for this one.

Do you ever have trips like this?


  1. Sometimes the registers read the regular prices for items rather than the sale prices. You were probably at $30 based on regular prices. Great shopping!