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CVS Shopping

I went to CVS tonite to do the excedrin deal. Get this... my cvs sells bottles of 100 for 9.99 and UP! I ended up not doing the deal, I didnt feel it was worth it.
Here's what I did though...

2 140z bags of M&M's 2/$4 minus $1 mfg off of two making them $1.50 a bag
1 Palmolive .99 no coupon
2 Ladies Mennen deo $3.98 minus .75 mfg
3 Mens Mennen deo 4.97 no coupon
1 Tylenol cold 6.99 rang up $7.29 (didnt catch until I got home) minus $1 mfg coupon

MINUS cvs email coupon $4 off $20 order
MINUS $12 extra bucks
PLUS $7 Extra Bucks

And you havent heard the best part yet. I had the assistant manager who on New Year Eve refused to take my mfg coupons, remember her? Anyway I was holding my breath, ready for WW3 if she refused to take my cvs coupon, 3 mfg coupons, and my extra bucks. First even though she scanned my card, it was not giving me sale prices, (this happened a couple of other times, they have to scan it a couple of times) then the cvs $4/20 wouldnt go through the first time, she had to re-enter it.

After it went through I handed her the mfg coupons and she began ringing them up and stated to the register and me, "now quit that, you know I will fight to get you (the register) to take those cvs coupons and I retorted (looking at the register as if it was a person like she did) AND she will fight the customer to NOT take mfg coupons! And then I looked at her with a BIG on my face. She replied, "well we got that resolved though didnt we?" as she was scanning my mfg coupons. I replied, "Looks like we did" She told me my total, I paid her and walked off laughing. Apparently her head boss, who I called and chatted with, talked with her and told her to accomodate me and my mfg coupons.....ALL OF THEM.

So now I am stocked up on deo for the next 6 months and I got it for less than buying two where I used to faithfully shop....Wally Mart.

I probably shouldnt have done it, but I couldnt help myself. I think we called a truce. Walking out I notice a sign on the door that cvs is holding a contest for their employees. For every 10 email addresses they get from customers they get $5 gift card. They are really pushing for everyone to sign up through email. I need to read it closer when I'm not laughing so hard to make sure I read it right. Anyone else that works there know what I'm talking about that I only glanced at?

Here's a picture for all you that crave a picture. It doesnt look like much BUT you have to remember I paid $3.80 out of my pocket. They gave me back $7 extra bucks to use on my next trip. The deo is $1.87 each at my Wally World. So the M&M's, Pamolive, Mens deo, and Tylenol cold was FREE compared to my old shopping habits.

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  1. What a great CVS Haul!! I have not heard about the CVS employee's in my area getting a gift card.

    Just yesterday I wrote about all my goodies from CVS and how much I've been paid so far this year to buy stuff from there.

    Here is the link,


    Take Care,