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The Girls Have Been Saved....

from the frying pan. They have begun to lay again. Lucky for them too! Arent their eggs pretty. They are so giving.

I actually had to buy eggs a couple of weeks ago! It was the first time I had bought eggs in 3 years. I guess they were on strike. Usually they will slow down in the colder months but not completely quit laying.

That rooster there is Jack. He was a beautiful big boy. His talons grew to be so frickin long! I've read you can cut them but by the time I found that out, it was too late. My husband and I never had a problem with him, but he took a disliking to my son and would try to attack him every time boywonder entered the chicken coop/yard. So we gave him away. We now have a different rooster and so far he has behaved. I call him Kellog cause he looks just like the rooster in the Kellogs commercials and on the box.

We didn't put a light in their coop this fall like we normally do. Maybe that had more to do with their lack of laying than anything else. I'm just glad I'm getting eggs again and the fridge is filling up. Now I need to start planning on one dinner a week using eggs like before.

This is the chicken coop my hubby built for me. Ninety percent of the material was removed from loads of construction debris that came in to where I work. The plywood, 2x4's, door, lattice, nails all were scavenged from the trash loads making it virtually free to build. I like FREE.

It won't be long before the koi fish will be waking up from their winter slumber. We will be doing some work on the koi ponds this year. I'll write a post in a few days with pics of them and their habitat and how I scavenged 90% of the stuff to build their ponds from the trash loads that come in, saving hundreds of dollars.


  1. Your chickens are so pretty! Glad they didn't end up fried.
    Isn't it funny how animals decide who they like and don't like? My chihuahua, Shadow, goes ballistic every time my middle son comes home, and barks like nuts at his friends. He does this even though these kids come over often enough that they practically live here...and of course, middle son James does live here, LOL!
    Sometimes, I wish we could know what goes on in those tiny brains.

  2. We love those scavenged building supplies. Shane isn't afraid to ask for anything on a job site that is destined for the dumpsters. More often than not, it's his for the taking...as long as he asks first. Why let it go to a landfill if we can make good use of it?

  3. I love it that you have chickens! I would love to have our own! Thankfully, I do have friends with chickens...so I buy fresh eggs from them. I just think it would be a great experience for my boys to take care of chickens and gather the eggs, etc.

  4. What a handsome rooster! I'd like to get a coop up at my house, I miss fresh eggs. Would love to see some closer up pics of the coop to see how you put it together.

  5. Do fresh eggs taste much different from those at the store?

  6. mom2fur I have a poodle who does the same thing to my oldest son when he comes home. I've often wondered what they were thinking.

    annie The amount of stuff that ends up in landfills is unreal. Stuff that so many under privileged people could use. I see it everyday where I work.

    laura one reason why we got chickens was for our son to learn about them and to prepare for FHA in school.

    magpie I will post some more pics of our coop for you and everyone else.

    sniz Fresh farm eggs has a much different taste than store bought. Some people (such as my mother) dont care for the taste (although she was raised on farm eggs). The yolks are much richer, depending upon what the chickens eat.

  7. We have chickens, too! LOVE them and you can't beat FRESH eggs! We had a rooster go mean and he attacked our son..... That was the roosters last day to see the sun come up! Enjoy the eggs... ! I like you coop.... free is wonderful!