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Organizing Kitchen Cabinets

We've lived in our home for going on three years now and I have two kitchen cabinets that drives me nuts. They both are left blind corner cabinets. They are so dark I have to use a flashlight to see what and where things are that have been shoved back in there.

I've been doing some research on solving the problem of these two cabinets and my favorite solution is these pull out systems. You pull out the first tray...

Move it over...

and then pull out the second tray that hides way back in the depths of the cabinet...

I love this solution. BUT I hate the price I have found on them so far. $600-$700 is way out of my budget. I'm on the hunt to find a system like this for MUCH MUCH cheaper. Maybe I can find the hardware and then hubby can build the trays.

Has anyone seen anything like this anywhere, say at the big box stores, such as Home Depot or Lowes?

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