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Unadvertised Specials You Have To Ask For

Here's parts of an article I found and read on MSN's money central.

Secret Deals You Have To Ask For

Some retailers make a big deal about accepting competitors' coupons, while others do so only quietly. It doesn't hurt to ask.

Also know that coupon expiration dates may mean something -- or they may not. Bed Bath & Beyond stores, for example, accept competitors' unexpired coupons and accept their own chain's expired coupons.

Another Your Money poster tries to extend a coupon's usefulness by recycling.

"If I feel a 'warm fuzzy' from a cashier, I will often ask for my coupon back," "jrr2k" wrote. "Works a lot. Some coupons are scanned and handed right back."

Not every great deal is heavily advertised.

Some bargains are deliberately kept off the menu, available only to those who know to ask. A company may have decided the deal wasn't profitable but doesn't want to alienate long-term customers by eliminating it.

Other times, the company's advertising priorities have changed, orphaning the discount. It's not exactly a secret, but it's easy to miss.

Others say they've had luck getting a clerk to "lend" them a coupon when they've forgotten theirs at home.

Forget your supermarket loyalty card? Bring your receipt back with you on your next shopping trip and present it along with the card to the customer-service desk or the manager. You'll get the discounts you were denied the first time around.

Also, Your Money poster "LSG7168" notes that some stores have a "correct scanning" policy.

"If your item scans at a higher price than marked on the shelf, you get the item for free as an apology," LSG7168 wrote. "The store where I used to work advertised this at first and now refunds the full price (instead of the difference between scanned and marked) only if you ask. Something as simple as 'Do I get that for free since it scanned wrong?' will work."

These are some great tips to keep in mind and find out if they will work for you!

Do you know of any you can share with me?

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  1. Some stores will also refund the price difference of an advertised sale price if bought up to 2 weeks before the sale price was posted. Since that wasn't explained very well, I'll give an expample. Say you bought a coffee maker for $40.00 and it came on sale two weeks later for $30.00, bring in your receipt and they will refund the difference!