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Recent Thrift, Trash and Clearance Finds

I found this GE 4 in 1 panini press/grill-griddle at Wally World around Christmas. I had seen commercials for the Cuisinart Panini 4 in 1 griddle and wanted one but they were so pricey. When I found this one at Wally World it's price was 89.99. Still too high for this frugal mom.

Then last week I spied them on clearance for $40 at Wally World. Still a little too steep for me. They had several left so I thought maybe if I waited they would clearance them down some more.

Flew by there today and there they were! $20 Needless to say I was jumping for joy.

I order all the office supplies for the company I work for. Monday I placed an order, found a $30 off coupon for this faux suede/leather satchel when you purchase $150. The price of the bag is $30, making it FREE FOR ME! It came Wednesday.

Friday I had to take my mother for a doctors appointment. She asked me if I would run her by Good Will to exchange something she had bought. I found this A Campbells Cookbook, Cooking with soup. Its dated 1970. It has a lot of interesting recipes that I want to try. I'll post them here if they seem to be easy, good and frugal.

Last Saturday when I was waiting on hubby to get done with his meeting and I still had time to kill I stopped in to a thrift store and found these Nordic Ware microwave egg poacher and omelette maker. The poacher was .67 and the omelette maker was .37. Of course since I have laying hens and a refrigerator full of eggs, I am always looking for ways to cook them up. For a little over a buck I picked these two up and boy wonder has cooked him and a friend omelettes. Any thing to get the eggs used up and he found them fun to use.

Earlier this week when I made the peach cobbler I realized I hadnt posted these two pieces I found in the trash at work. They are Corning Ware.

I found them around Christmas time last year (2006). It really kind of bugged me cause they both were still half wrapped in gift wrap. I don't understand why anyone who recvd these as a gift would just throw them away. They even came with rubber lids!

And last but not least, I found these in the trash at work also. I was needing some new socks!

Three pairs with a different pattern. They are even knee highs! This is one perk of my job that I will miss when I leave.


  1. The throw-away attitude most people seem to have really bothers me, too. I just don't understand it. Even if you don't want something, like the Corning Ware or the socks, why throw it away? There are so many other options, including simply giving it away to someone who will appreciate it.

    (I'd miss that job perk, too.)

  2. Wow, you got some great deals, and nice job rescuing such great things from a life in a landfill. I like that satchel and the price makes it even better. Thrift stores are so much fun, we also got an omlette maker from a thrift store, and we love it. It has a cute little rooster on it :)

  3. For the life of me I can't understand why anyone would throw out corningware! At least try to sell it on Ebay or something! So glad that its in a home where it will be used.

  4. I'm glad to know I have readers who feel the same way I do about this stuff getting thrown away. There are so many other options in our area for people to get rid of things like this that the trash is just not acceptable. There are thrift stores upon thrift stores around that take donations. There are churches who I'm sure would have gladly taken it. There is always Craigs List. It all boils down to those options would have taken a little more effort on their part. It's usually these types of people who are the biggest ducks in the puddle when it comes to screaming about the shape our planet is in.

    I laughed at the irony of the corning ware getting thrown away while the Nordic Ware egg cookers found their way to a thrift store.

  5. You always get the best finds at work. I never cease to be impressed--and appalled at people's wastefulness.