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Hosed at the gas pump -- by your debit card

Ok all you guys. I set back and read how you guys use your credit and debit cards for gas purchases and I feel compelled to warn all of you cause I care for everyone here... we are like a big family. Family takes care of family.
On my local news Saturday they ran a story about how people use their cards and have checks bounce because the Gas Vendors freeze a huge amount of money ($50-$75) for a small purchase of gas. I searched on MSN money to see what they had to say and found this article...
Hosed at the gas pump -- by your debit card. You may have topped off with just $20 worth of unleaded, but the debit-card transaction could freeze as much as $75 in your account, sometimes for days.



  1. I have heard of this before, but I have never known it to actually happen to anyone. We generally put gas on gas cards (Quik Trip, Phillips 66, Conoco, etc.) and pay those off every month. But occasionally I will make a debit purchase for gas. So far I've never had a problem or any kind of hold put on my checking account, but it's a good thing to be aware of.

    Then again, it could be because we never just top off the tank with a few dollars worth of gasoline. We always run them down to about 1/4 full (maybe even slightly less) and fill them all the way up when we buy gas.

  2. Lisa,
    Your recipe for the faux hidden valley ranch seasoning how did it end up tasting? I have several recipes that DF loves or wants me to try that calls for that, and frankly I'd previously bought 2 before being a GC hound, and they were like almost a $1 each, I have all those ingredients in my spice rack/pantry...I'm out of onion flakes but those are easily replaced.

  3. AJ The recipe comes from my sister who tells me its a good one. I still have not tried it because I scored several bottles of Ranch for .50 each. I'm down to two bottles and if I run out before a sale comes on I will be trying. I havnt forgotten about you wanting to know though and will tell you as soon as I try it! :)