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I Want One!

Surfing around the other night and look what I found on Green Mountain Mama.

I WANT ONE! Ok, I want two or three. I like the idea of not having to buy any more swiffer cloths. Trying to be frugal and reducing your waste to become a greener household is an ongoing thing at my home. I have used old wash cloths and dishtowels on my swiffer before, but I really took a liking to these and I WANT SOME. The first thing that came to my mind was to send my mother-in-law an email requesting some. She's a knitter. She is a WONDERFUL knitter. She could knit one of these up in 10 minutes. BUT since she hates me, I don't get anymore knitted goodies from her.

One of my 2008 goals is to learn how to knit. I even found a set of needles at my favorite thrift store. BUT I havent taken the time to learn yet.

I thought to myself maybe I can sew me some up. Found some patterns on line. I liked this one I found on Art Dolls

I also read that you can use old cloth diapers, flannel shirts, baby onesies, and towels to make your swiffer pads. I thought that was a very FRUGAL idea to use up old clothes, etc. if you have any around. Oh I will have a BUNCH of company T-shirts from my current job, since I wont want to wear them anymore, once I change jobs.

But I REALLY liked the knitted one, and I WANT SOME!

And then it dawned on me. You've crocheted before. You are not a VETERAN crocheter, but I bet this wouldnt be too dificult once you brush up on the basics. So I googled and found Mik Knits, Crochets & Quilts. I love the look, but she didnt give any directions for Dummies like me.

I like the fact that there is no buttons on the one you sew or crochet. I have found my crochet hooks and some yarn, so I'm going to try to make one this weekend. IF I get it accomplished I will let ya know.

Do any of you already have these? It seems I'm always the last to find out about any new craze going around. If I'm able to get this down, I think I will be making some for my mother and sisters for birthday/christmas.

Tell me what you think about them and if you have a good, easy, crochet pattern, please do share with me.


  1. Hey, I can probably knit that! I'll check the pattern out a little better, but I think I can do it. If I can just find the time.

    I'm looking for something like this, too. I need something that won't leave streaks. The only thing that suits me for our Pergo floor is getting down on my hands and knees with a cloth diaper and a bottle of Windex (or my homemade windex). Any other cleaner or any other cloth just leaves streaks for me. Maybe this knitted thingy would work.

    I'll let you know if I make it anytime soon. :)

  2. I'd definitely be interested as a crocheter to see how this comes out. It would definitely save me some money on Swiffer clothes. I too am trying to learn to knit-time seems to be my biggest problem, it seems there is always a flurry of activity around here.

    I was wondering if you could give me a little info about canning. I know that tomatoes grow quickly and I know I can get 2 large planters on the patio with tomatoes in them which I would like to can. I'm thinking I can grow some onions in a few planters as well. We go through onions it seems very quickly. Can you freeze or can onions?Is it possible to can tomatoes or is freezing better?

  3. I think that you could just single or double crochet enough stitches across to be just bigger that the swifter. Do as many rows as you would need to fold over the top and then sew them together with yarn. Make sure you use the 100% cotton yarn just like you would wehen making a dish cloth. I think you could make one of these is an hour. Looks real simple.
    I have Pergo floors too and found that vinegar works well but I still have to dry the floor afterwards or it streaks. Hands and knee method is the best here too.

  4. annie I hate when my floor streaks! Hope you can find some time to make you one.

    AJ I emailed you some info.

    Carol I'm going to try and get one done. I'll let you all know when and if I get it accomplished.

  5. I've never seen those before! We had a swiffer at one time but realized how much the clothes cost and gave it away to my "spend money like it grows on trees" parents. I now clean the floors with a squeegee-type broom or an old cloth diaper and my two hands. I prefer the latter. But, if I would have seen these, I would have definitely used them!