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Dollar Tree Tiny Christmas Trees

Are these trees not the prettiest thing?  When I first seen them I was guessing they were from Pottery Barn with a price tag around $79.99, but they were made by Robin of All Things Heart and Home.  AND they are easy to make.... now that Robin has figured out the secret to it and shared it with all of us.  I want some!  I have the perfect spot for them.

Robin found her little foam balls at JoAnn's.  I found mine at Dollar Tree. Yep, I stopped at a Dollar Tree I had never been in before and spied these:

I'm going to try Robin's technique and I hope it works on the little balls I bought.

I also bought my cones from Dollar Tree.  I'm off to see how it comes out.  Be sure to check out Robin's secret on how to make these cuties.

What project's are you working on this week?  Getting your home ready for Thanksgiving get togethers?  Putting up Christmas decorations?

ETA: My trees are done!  You can see them HERE.


  1. i love it when we find something we can remake and make it look as good or better than what we saw in store or magazine

  2. Shopannies I love upcycling too! It gives me great satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment.

  3. Don't you love the $1 store?!? It's my favorite place! Such cute trees...great idea!

    Hope you can join my stocking stuffer giveaway going on now, too! http://alittleknickknack.blogspot.com/2010/12/giveaway-with-path-less-traveled.html