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Time To Stock Your Pantry- Fall Baking Sale

Price Chopper is having a great baking sale. Time to stock up your pantry for your holiday baking.


Best Choice Flour $0.99

Best Choice Butter Quarters $2.69

Best Choice Sugar, 4 lb, limit 2 $1.49

Hershey's Baking Chips, limit 2 $1.49

Best Choice Vegetable Oil $1.99

Best Choice Graham Cracker Pie Crust $0.99

Best Choice Flaked Coconut $1.50

Best Choice Nuts, 2 oz $0.99

Best Choice Powdered or Brown Sugar $1.19

TIP:  If they are out of anything featured, BE SURE TO GET YOUR RAINCHECK! 

For a full listing of Price Chopper's sale for this week, be sure to visit Little People Wealth. She posts the Price Chopper ad with coupon matchups for us weekly. Thanks for all your hard work Heidi!

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  1. I took advantage of the sale on a few things. I bought a couple bags of sugar, a bag of milk chocolate chips and a bag of toffee chips, and I "splurged" on a bag of self-rising flour (I usually mix up my own as I need it). I think I'm pretty well stocked on everything else.

    I can't believe how expensive real butter has been lately. I'm hoping the price comes down again like it sometimes does around holiday baking season.

  2. Those are fantastic prices. I wish I could get some great ones like these here!

  3. Thanks for the link :) Butter has been expensive lately - I hope there is a better sale before the holiday cooking. Until then we just buy butter at Costco - it is $2.50 regular price so that is better than both the sale prices at Price Chopper and HyVee this week.

  4. Annie & LPW Butter has been real high here also. I wonder why? The sale price at Price Chopper was cheaper than what I normally pay. I picked up one tonight. I hope I can find some dated for a great price to throw in the freezer before too long. My freezer stockpile is gone.

    Precious here's to hoping you get a great bake sale before too long with these prices or better. Normally I don't buy best choice or always save because I can get name brands cheaper using coupons. BUT there are few coupons for sugar and flour, and the last time I had $1.00 coupons for vegetable oil was over a year ago.