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Steady wins the gift giving race

I've been slowly getting my gifts bought and made for this year.

Here's what I finished for some of the younger girls including my three granddaughters.

If you havn't been to any craft shows, shopped etsy or visited any crafting blogs; then let me introduce you to the washer necklace.

They are very popular with young girls, tweens, and teens. And I just know my thirty-something funky loving sister will love hers also when she finds it in her stocking. The granddaughters' will receive theirs in their advent calendar I am making for them.

They are quick and easy to make. I had everything in my craft stash except for the washers (.12 each) and the dimensional adhesive. I bought the Glossy Accents for $5.75 at a local scrapbooking store. So if I figure in the necklace cords I already had on hand, (bought on clearance) I'm out around $10 for the 7 necklaces shown. There is still almost a whole bottle of the glue left, I just need to buy some more .12 washers.

This one will be given to the nine year old who loves funky jewelry. I've decided I'm going to add some beads to all of them like THIS.

This one is for the 4 year old princess.

And this one is the six year old's. She loves anything pink and girlie.

If you would like details on how to make these, visit HERE

Ok, I'm off to work on the advent calendars. Can't wait to get them done and show you!

What are you up to? Baking and freezing breads? Cookies? Making something special? OR, are you avoiding the "C" word at all cost right now? lol

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  1. Those necklaces are so adorable!!

    Back when we were more spendy than we are now (and newlyweds) Shane bought me something very similar. It was a stone "washer" (lapiz lazuli, I think) with a little bit of sterling and a tiny piece of amber. He bought it from Coldwater Creek, so I'm sure he paid at least $40 for it. Not that I don't love it, I do, and still wear it, but I know it was way over priced.

  2. Oh, and would you like to guest post a "how to" for these necklaces at my site?

  3. Wow - these look great! Gonna get my wife onto making these for pressies!

  4. Annie you and Shane should make some!

    LPW thank you! I sent you an email.

    Chris I think you would have fun helping your wife do these! I love it when I get my hubby's point of view, ideas and perspective on projects I'm doing. When he helps me he gets lots of extra points! ;)