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My zipper won't stay up!

Has anyone's jeans gotten a little tighter in the last week? lol

Maybe you have a favorite pair that the zipper won't stay up.

Here's a quick & frugal solution brought to you by Shoestring Pavilion:

Using some fishing line or other thread (I prefer embroidery thread... it's easier to tie a knot in), cut a loop about double the distance between your button and the hole in the zipper slider.  Tie a knot in the ends.

Thread about half the loop through the hole on your zipper slider.  You should now have two loops.  One through the slider and one below.  Take the loop below slider and thread through the loop on top of the slider, pulling tight.

Now you have one loop that you can loop around your button and it will keep your zipper up!  Cool hugh?

Thanks Shoestring Pavilion for such a great tip.

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  1. That's an old pregancy trick. Try using a rubber band. LOL

  2. What a neat idea! thanks for sharing!
    Have a great day!


  3. Osage bluff quilter that would be good for early pregnancy!

    Jill thanks for stopping by.