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I Don't Like Spiders & Snakes....

or possums in my house!

The weekend was not boring!

First we found

in our garage.  Uhm, not just no, but HELL NO that's none of us holding it!  There is no time for pulling out the camera and taking shots of snakes in my home.  The one in the garage that my husband "disposed" of was just like it though!  Size and color.  I hate snakes in my home!  This is the second home I've owned and the 4th snake.  What is it with me and snakes that like to come in?
Then Saturday night we found this
insert another resounding HELL NO, I didn't take this pic.  But the baby possum in my garage was very angry and looked just like this!  He was guarding the bag of dog food with every thing he had.  All you could see was teeth and the hissing sound he made warned you it wasn't going to be an easy fight to shew him back outside. 
Two cats and two poodles in the house and they still come in. I'll have a heart attack if I ever get a skunk in the house!

So, what interesting critter have you found in your home lately?  Nothing? NOTHING at all?  LUCKY YOU! :p

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  1. We had a 'possum on our back deck on Friday night. It comes around often if we leave our feral cat's food outside. It wasn't agressive, though, and left readily when we opened the back door.

    Sometimes we see a raccoon on our deck, too. I don't know why, but I just love watching them, although we will run them off, too. There is also a squirrel or two who like to come up on the deck and eat the food and look in through the door. They're really cute.

    We see lots of stray cats other than our feral and rabbits in the spring and summer.

    Haven't seen any snakes since the middle of summer. We found three just like the little garter snake in that photo. We all held them for a few minutes, including Kat. As long as I know a snake is not poisonous and it's not very big, I'll hold it. But no, they don't belong inside the house.

    We see lots of different kinds of spiders around here, and big Japanese beetles. I won't hold those...LOL! But I don't run screaming from them either. Usually I just stomp 'em.

  2. Oh my goodness! This brings back memories. 2 years ago Kathleen went down downstairs and said Mommy, there's a snake. I thought she meant a fake snake, so I didn't have my glasses on yet, well when I got closer I saw a copperhead (baby) in our foyer! I screamed grabbed her and called Jerry, LOL We have no idea how he got inside. I hate snakes. :-(
    Hope you have a less eventful week.

  3. Ah fall, when all the critters are looking for a little warmth and that final feast before the cold weather hits.

    I had to laugh out loud at this post. I recently have had a snake under the microwave (you know, in the vent thing underneath--very interesting), several opossums, a mole in the bedroom and a bat (yes a bat)in the house. It always freaks us out but it's not so bad, really. Now a skunk -- that WOULD be awful!

  4. Annie I hate those jap beetles too! AND I can't stomp them, they crunch too much under my foot and give me the heeby jeebies! lol

    Jill We had a similiar experience with a copperhead at my mother in laws. Thank god the boys seen it before they got bit.

    Granny a snake under microwave? OMG!

  5. Okay i'm not the only one! What an experience! When we first moved in found my cats torturing a small snake just like that picture. We have a family of possums that come into our back yard even though my hubby has killed one ( ugly business there). We had a skunk pass by our back yard the other night.

    Oh yeah and at the end of the summer days before pest control was coming to spray we had a wolf spider carrying her young on her back! Crazziness here in Texas.

  6. UGH! That possim would have really freaked me out. The snake not so much!