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Boy Wonder's Visit From The Tooth fairy

Boy wonder found coupons at our grocery store for BUY ONE GET ONE FREE on any single pack of Stride; Dentyne Ice, Fire, or Blast; Trident, Trident Splash, White or Fusion. Exp 9/30/08 They were on a cardboard display at the front of the store that also held all the gum the coupon covered. There were only two left of these. Stride is his and his daddy's favorite.

With him going on 10 but still loosing teeth, Tuesday the toothfairy left him a note on his bedroom door stating that she couldnt find his two teeth, was short on cash but had lots of coupons, and his surprise was in the refrigerator... I put a bottle of evian water and two packs of stride gum in there for him.

I was outside when he got home from school and he came running outside and said "Mom will you tell the toothfairy I LOVED my surprise! That's my favorite water and gum! She can leave me surprises like that anytime and I have two more loose teeth!"
It made me feel good that he enjoyed the surprise left for him more than he would have money. Who says you have to leave money anyhow?

Even though he knows who the toothfairy is I refuse to admit it to him and won't till he looses all his baby teeth. He's my baby and I wont get to play toothfairy after that. So I'm prolonging it as long as I can.


  1. Great idea. Kat has yet to lose a tooth, but I might just start her out with "surprises" instead of cash.

  2. That's too cute! And smart!