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On the Fast Fixin Website you can sign up for their "Fanatics Club" and they will send you 5 coupons for $1 off their products. You can hit the back button and you will be able to print the 5 coupons one more time. There is also a coupon just on the "Coupon" part of the website to print one more coupon twice.

The Fast Fixin DinoBites (small 10oz bag)and Popcorn Chicken are $1.00 a small bag at Walmart, so you can get 12 FREE bags!! (YMMV)
I like them because they are made with white meat! I think they taste alot like the Tyson Chicken nuggets and my son loves them and the popcorn chicken!


  1. I did this at Wal-Mart and it was the only thing I was buying. It was pretty funny to have my total ring up to zero and just walk out with 12 bags of chicken.

  2. ANNIE wish my wally would get more in!

  3. CASSIE lol. way to go!!

  4. YMMV? That's an understatement! I had to go to W-M anyway, so I printed out a handful of coupons. Our store doesn't carry anything in that brand! :( Weird, since it's the next closest one to the one you probably go to.

    I checked the new Price Chopper across the street, and they had them, but only in the large, expensive bags. I passed.

  5. annie That is weird that they dont carry the brand at all. Maybe wally isnt going to carry them anymore adn thats why mine hasnt gotten anymore in. Dang I still have coupons left too.

  6. hey. thanks for the comment on my page. blogger annoys me a LOT. :) thank goodness I have three little ones so I have learned patients. lol

    this is a VERY cool thing to know. I'm going to do it right after I leave here !! Print my coupons and get me some free chicken nuggets.

    my kids could live on chicken nuggets, or chicken of any kind, shells n cheese, and applesauce. ;)

    i hope they grow a little bit with their tastes. but they are only 4 and 2 - 2 year olds. :)

    thanks again for dropping by!!

  7. Very interesting. I can always use coupons.

    Thanks for dropping by.

  8. I only go to Walmart about 2 times a year cause I really hate the store BUT.. I would be willing to make a special stop to get these. I was wondering if anyone has ever had an issue using printed coupons at Walmart?
    Frugal Carol

  9. I finally scored on this deal. Hy-Vee had the small packages on sale for a dollar this week. I got six, and ended up paying for just one. Why? I guess the cashier miscounted my six coupons. I was talking to my granddaughter and didn't catch it until I got home. Not worth going back for, and besides, 6 for the price of 1 is still a great deal!